Zamfara Governor castigated


Gazali Shehu Ahmad


Now for those who see fault whenever we blame #GovernorYari over the unending killings in Zamfara State..
Please read what the Governor said yesterday below.

“On this particular incidence, we had intelligence reports 24 hours before it happened that the bandits were grouping and ready to attack. I alerted the security agencies but unfortunately they sent inadequate personnel to confront these people from where they came from.”

Governor Yari remained in Abuja even after been informed of a planned attack.
He also chose to attend other functions ahead of returning to the State and mourn with his people.

Now the question is, will Yari remain in Abuja if he was informed of a planned attack in his own residence?

What is the Governor doing in Abuja that is more important than ensuring the safety of lives and properties of his own people that elected him to serve them?

We have problems in Zamfara State and Governor Yari is the biggest of all our problems for now.

We cannot take these killings anymore!


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