Why nothing can Stop Trump from winning in 2020


If Democrats can’t get up to 94% of African American votes in 2020, the Oracle says President Trump wins.

And here are the numbers and facts, in 2016 Trump had 8% of the Blacks votes to win now with 34.5% job approval ratings among Blacks, 5.6% unemployment under Trump from 8.9% Obama left them, the Democrats are toasted.

The Second Chance criminal law review which freed many of them from Clinton law of 1994 and intra black cities improvement are all there to improve his numbers.

This Oracle says President Trump is likely to get 18% of African Americans in 2020 with 3-4% plus or minus margine of errors and that will be an improvement from 8% he had in 2016.


Trump can only lose if his job approval ratings among Republicans is less than 80% today he is 95% with 57% popularity among independents voters and with a solid popularity in 2742 counties out of 3400 counties in US, his base is solid.

What is at stake is if he can lose the popular votes again like 2016, which is possible, but that will not stop him from returning to the White House with the votes of his base of 2742 counties (local Govt) and independent voters.

President Trump took a solid move last month to the surprise of Democrats, he relocated to Florida, a swing state away from a Liberal New York State which offered him nothing politically, with the State of Florida and a surrogate of his as Governor, Trump just consolidated his electoral votes all these steps of Trump towards 2020 are too much for Democrats to process.

What will Democrats campaign on in 2020?

Two years of the take over of the Congress was used on failed investigations, first with Mueller Russia report which had nothing to do with Trump and this Ukraine whistleblowers stories which collapsed like pack of cards,

Democrats failed to take on the Trade deal with Mexico and Canada which Trump got done, and other issues including immigration review.

Former President Obama is worried, because a re-elected President Trump may tilt the conservative membership Supreme Justices to 7/2 because two Democrat nominated Justices may retire particular Justice Ruth Bada, Ginsburg and appointment of conservative judges into lower Courts.

Obama failed to endorse Joe Biden his creepy sleepy Vice President who was involved in Ukraine gas deal, and he is not connecting with voters in Iowa, he said his comment  placed Democrats in difficult situations to find a winner against Trump.

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren are no mbv match for Trump, which is why Michael Bloomberg a New York Billionaire may be the only consolation to avoid massive loss like the re-election of President Reagan who won 49 states out 50.

Oracle says 2020 is not if Trump can win or not, it is about getting the popular votes, getting the House back and keeping the Senate even without these, Trump will be re-elected and his legacy will be there for the 25 years after his presidency to protect the 1789 Constitution.



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