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NEWSZENTS.COM NY: When you visit your Doctor for a procedure, or check up, he calms you down, he gives you hope that you can still live even if you are on a terminal disease or on a degenerative disease that will never be healed, the above will be the true assessment of this writer known as the Oracle on how Dr. Ben Carson from Detroit is making a fool of Donald Trump in the struggle for delegates in the GOP presidential debates particularly in the battleground states.

A medical statement from Dr. Ben Caron, a retired American neurosurgeon could end political career of Donald Trump, it could turn the tide of public opinions to question the mental status of Trump on some of his rational or irrational statements, that is why Mr. Trump is afraid of attacking Carson like he did to former Gov. Jeb Bush he called low energy, Junior Senator Marco Rubio from the state of Florida he said him too young to understand, on Carly Fiorina, Trump made fun of her face which may infact be true because a popular TV talk Show said she has the look of a down syndrome or Senator Lindsay Graham, whom he exposed his Phone number for seeking donation from him in the past, not to mention former Governor of Texas Rick Perry, with his funny eye glasses, the list is endless and funny , it was the way Donald Trump ran them away all the adversaries until this gentle, calm and smart retired neurosurgeon is cutting down his numbers in the polls and Trump is not looking good or happy either.

However, the Oracle says for the first time in his life Mr. Trump, the money man from New York is afraid. It is written all over his face and actions since Ben Carson edged him out in the polls in some of the battle ground states and the strategies to adopt to come up again is the still not figured out by Trump and his team.

Like this writer said in his book “The Vultures and the Vulnerable” Fear is the surrogate for pain; if you are unable to address it when it comes, you are done. Dr. Ben Carson is not saying much, infact it may even be difficult to point to ten of his plans unlike Mr. Trump, however, he communicates more with his eyes, smiles and double assurances more like you get from your Doctor than Donald Trump a very aggressive business man and if Carson wins the nomination those would be his strategies.

That is the line of concern Donald Trump finds himself on how to attack the world renowned neurosurgeon, and author of the book turned to movie “The gifted hands” without his mental status being questioned by a man who made his reputation with the quality of his skills on how to examine and fix brains in the world.

The Oracle says the calmness of the retired American neurosurgeon is similar to how President Barrack Obama handled Hillary Clinton in 2008 and it is the same method Ben Carson from Detroit is using to calm the nerves of the nation in a serious presidential election that may end the future of the Republican Party with the Latino as all the establishment candidates are not pushing enough the agenda of the White Americans, but the question is if the United States of America can afford a back to back African American President or a full African American this time around as the President of America, that itself will be a record than that of President Obama.

Zents Sowunmi is a political analyst based in New York. His books “The Vultures and the Vulnerable” Obama: Hero or Villain of Capitalism? “Unequally Yoking”,” Before the Journey Became Home” are all available on amazon.com and your local bookstores.


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