Why Democrats now want Mike Bloomberg the former “stop & frisk” Mayor of New York City


NEWSZENTS: Sometimes, you wonder why Democrats Party is acting desperate now to throw away rules and regulations of its founding fathers at will just to get at President  Donald J. Trump, if you care to know, the Oracle says,  well, this is it.

The fear of Senator Bernie Sanders, a socialist and an independent from the State of  Vermont taking over DNC ticket in November after  the former Obama Vice President Sleepy Joe Biden collapsed like a pack of cards  when President Trump through his Lawyer Ruddi Gulliani the former Mayor of Big  Apple City New York opened the Ukraine corruption on him and his son Hunter, their last hope went away in flame or like bad gas from the report after his failure in IOWA Caucuses and New Hampshire primaries what else can the Democrats do?

To the great  political minds. the Oracle says the failed Impeachment of President Trump was as a result of the frustration of the Party to tolerate a stranger and Independent Socialist,  like Bernie Sanders if he ever had the ticket  in November because it is likely  they have no one to beat Trump and Bernie with his free stuffs  programs may place additional $23 trillion debts on the nation with massive taxes.

Unfortunetely, Speaker Nancy Pelosi  who just recovering from tearing State of the Union Speech of President Trump now said, it is good to have  Billionaire  Mike Bloomberg, a former Republican Mayor in New York to run against the President she hated with passion even in her so called prayers, and when it is clear Bloomberg is wasting his money, because outside New York nobody knows him, besides he was a Republican Mayor in New York city , who turned Independent to run for a third term, how will Democrats allow another stranger to take their ticket in 2020?

Mike Bloomberg who openly called black community the seat of Crimes  in New York city with his stop and frisk police brutality on the minorities in New York is now the hope of Democrats?

What a gift for President Trump!.

Senator Bernie Sanders from the State of Vermont was cheated in 2016 for sneaking through the back door by crooked Hillary Clinton the same process will be on Bloomberg in 2020 after they suck his billions.

NEWSZENT believes at the ti m.j e of this report  Bloomberg might have spent $345m of his personal money so far, and he is not even in any of the debates yet, not until he gave the party $100m two weeks ago did they consider him to be in the next debate despite his 2% in the polls, the rules of debate are clear any participant must have  5% to qualify,  it was why  Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey  and a black man was kicked out of the debates with his 3.% average.

However, a dirty  Democrats Party with double standard will do anything for money and as expected Mike Bloomberg because of his money  will be in the next two debates before the two primaries remaining in this month of February in Arizona and California or so in Feb 22 and Feb 27 or so.

However, Super Tuesday primaries with 16 states involved in the first Tuesday of March will determine the true nominee of DNC most likely between Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuacha and the gay guy Pete Buttigieg from South Bend Indiana who introduced his spouse as his husband.

The Oracle says after all these epistles  it is very likely Mike Bloomberg will run as an independent candidate and he will end up.as a spoiler for the Democrats because Trump’s base is solid, with 97% on his side, meaning he is already assured of 43% of the votes with just 5% from trusted Democrats and independents to keep his job

Furthermore, Mike Bloomberg with his anti minorities  policies in New York will affect his chances  and it will only split Democrats and Independent voters and that will make Trump look good or better.

Let the Democrats stay with their rules, pick a candidate from those in the race now,  not an outsider like Mike Bloomberg if not, they may even lose New York to Trump, Sanders is bad for DNC agenda, Pete Buttigieg is not good for evangelicals, the next will be to repackage  Senator Amy Klobucha to save their dignity, if any.

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