When the Truth Prevails (8)


Bios1The whites in the city of Floyd in Hunts County in the State of Texas are still the typical Americans, it is all about money, they raised the price of the land per acre when they realised the RCCG was planning to take over their community, they improved the quality of their services and built hotels that will take care of the new visitors so far the yearly convention of the Redeemed Christian Church has not improved as planned.today RCCG is with 700 acres of their land enough to incorporate the City as RCCG.

Pastor Adeboye when he came a year ago, he was not happy at the progress of the Church on membership drive, he served the North America Board of Trustees of RCCG warning to improve on membership drive or he would stop coming to America.

This warning is a revelation of how Nigeria Churches are managed overseas everything is micro-managed from Lagos. The Church overseas are nothing more than foreign exchange source for home countries and RCCG is yet to grow beyond a Yoruba community in diaspora.

The above observation is not about RCCG alone all of African Churches in America are guilty they fail to apply the principle of marketing into the Church infact the part of international marketing on market segmentation or adaptation is lacking in how they conduct their businesses.

It is like they never left home, the truth is everything about them smell and act like Lagos, Onitsha or Aba and please don’t add Kano because no Hausa or Fulani community is visible in America maybe in the mosques.

In Nigerian Churches here in America including RCCG, from dressing, language and food and local politics when you attend any of their services, it is like you never left Nigeria. And this is not what the other races in America wanted. They want a Church that will reflect what most of them ran away from in Nigeria or home countries worldwide.

In most of the Nigerian Churches in America they talk and gossip more of Nigeria, their families and even the clothes they wear, women are even the chief culprits, they use their mouths to destroy homes and envy member families and these are some of the factors which has made it difficult for the Church to grow even among the immigrants.

The Church is yet to play a better role in the lives of undocumented immigrants which forms the majority of the youths, these people live in fear hoping the Church would redeem them with documentation process instead the Church is all about tithes. The young women hoping to find husband with Nigerian blood are often shortchanged and they become frustrated. Nigeria businesses are patronized by Nigerians due to envy and poor quality of services.

Among the locals the Church has not been able to see itself as part of the community and it doubtful if any of the 500 population of Floyd Texas was ever visited at home to be part of of the Church. In America the Jehovah Witness will knock your door and talk about their religion our Nigerian Churches are yet to adoption this direct marketing principle.

The fear to adopt the door to door preaching approach is not unlikely with the Texas law on guns. It is a right to carry and shoot State incase a black man “pretending” to talk about Jesus knock on their doors in their *funny* Agbada or buba and danshiki* dress it can be an excuse to kill. I can understand.

You would recall in part six of this series how Pastor Idowu the original pioneer of Redeemed Christian Church in North America was sidelined when the Church became a big business well the Church is yet to understand the principle of destroying seed money.

Just like Pastor Adeboye was aging and was thinking of staying more at home than to come or fly to America to watch the Church not growing like the one at home, something happened former President Jonathan had signed a law which he probably never read or knew the implication of it. A law that will be used not only against the Church in future it would be the law that will unseat Pastor Adeboye from his comfort zone in Nigeria.

What happened next?

To be Continued

The Oracle

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