What US is not to other nations


Most of the countries look unto United States of America for leadership because they have a careless and wasteful system, which we call (APAA), unfortunately, the country is no longer living up that expectations, the above is the problem of being seen as a rich person, it is will be difficult to convince your admirers to see your true situation when you are broke.


If you must know the country is broke, it is living on debts, with uncontrolled interests,   the citizens are over taxed by all levels of government, Federal, State, county and city taxes to survive.

No serious housing projects, citizens work two jobs to meet up with minimum standard of living, in between of these systems, people take advantage of the careless systems, in some situations, it is better not to work and collect the benefits than to work and pay heavy taxes.

The rail lines or metro  in most if tge cities are old, noisey, dirty with visible rats and roaches everywhere, homeless people sleep on the streets particularly in the liberal states such as California, New York, Indiana states with no sign of redemption.

Homeless people sleep not only on streets, they sleep in front of public places like Libraries,  Parks etc, they poop on the corners of the streets, they shoot drugs, and government of those cities created a makeshift places to shoot drugs since needles are found on the street.

The United States  military is over used, with over 110 military bases worldwide, senseless wars, which made nation the policeman of the world without benefits, it is unfortunate to say, that over 35,000 of US soldiers are stationed in Germany since 1945, until Trump reduced it to 25,000 few weeks ago and 28,000 soldiers in South Korea since 1952  until Trump asked the South Korea to pay, billions of dollars 20,000 soldiers in Japan since the end of Worldwar in 1945 and many other nations and at sea, in Philipines, South Chinese ocean and Saudi Arabia and NATO.

Who is paying for these outdated military ventures?

The tax payers.

With a crumbling and shrinking overseas market opportunities for all US manufacturers, affected by tge Chinese, they either closed down or moved overseas because of favorable taxes and tariff system not in US before Trump, it was 40% until he reduced it to 20%, by 2016 almost 65,000 companies left US dues to taxes and regulations which crippled US investors.

USA, since President Clinton, signed and operated with  useless trade deals in 1994 which  destroyed and converted US as a manufacturing to consumer nation of Chinese and Mexican products, the result of those policies created $500b annual trade inbalances and for lack of payment the yearly debt converted to national debt is now  almost $26trillion before Corona virus came three months ago, the interest alone on the National debt is almost $2 trillion.

Who will pay?

The future generation.

With such a careless system, such a country needs President Trump to fix it, not those who wants to continue, with the statusquo.

The country can  no longer afford to think it has unlimited resources because it is not true, USA can not sustain both its obligations to the citizens and other nations on debts from strategic enemies or partners like China and Mexico.

Both countries with unlimited agenda, Mexico to flood US with hispanics and convert all the six states in the Southern borders to Spanish speaking states before the Alamo war.

So far,  President Trump is addressing the issue of trade inbalances with new trade deals, his signed USCMC trade deal replaced NAFTA to keep US factories at home and to keep US workers away from Food Stamps  and new trade deals with Europe, China and South America.

The beneficiaries of the old system are fighting back through the Press and inplants of enemies on the administration, Chinese Students in most of US post graduate schools were found to be trained spies for their home country until Trump banned them.

President Trump is not a really a Republican President  if he is,  he would not have problem with the establishment, he is not fighting any war, he is just fixing the problem.

Trump is trying to redirect US to all her agreement with Russia when Putin came in 2001 to end the cold war which Obama presidency destroyed .

On North Korea,  he is working on a plan to get US soldiers back home, all those killed in 1952 buried there were exhumed back to US and duscouraging Kim Yong from a nuclear race.

On NATO he is making them to pay for their security instead of living on US tax payers, on Nigeria, he asked for the account of $1.5b yearly grants since 1989.

All these establishment are fighting back by all means, if branding him a racist will be how to get him out of office for them to return to the system they are ready.

Trump plans  to  rearrange trade deals, correct immigration policy which favors the hispanics more than any other nations, America needs help and strong leadership.

To be continued.


Zents Sowunmi is the Author of “The Secrets of Gabriel”.


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