What Ibrahim Dan Halilu wrote before DSS 40hrs arrest.

  1. I feel I should share because it resonates with me. If resonates with you too, please share until all oppressed people of Nigeria get the message and domesticate it. This is #Not the Nigeria of My Dream.

The aim of the revolution is to challenge the uncommon hardship; challenge why we have 16m children on the street; challenge why we have become the poverty capital of the world; challenge why we have 20 persons with corruption cases as federal legislators and would-be Ministers.

We need to restructure the country. We need to put an end to trillions spent on electricity while we live in darkness and pay estimated bill for electricity and meters.

Why do we have huge oil reserves but refineries are dead and we are re-importing what we exported as crude oil? It is time to ask why those in govt travel abroad for medical care when they have left our hospitals dilapidated; why they send their children to school abroad when our children learn under mango trees.

We are revolting against the continuing killings that have left 20,000 Nigerians dead while those in office move around under state paid security and do nothing. We are revolting because over a thousand Nigerian soldiers killed by boko haram have been secretly buried without identifiable graves, dignity or honour. $16m was purportedly spent on mosquito nets but our children die daily from malaria. $320m Abacha loot was purportedly distributed to the poor. Where is the verifiable list?

N500billion was purportedly distributed to the poor as so-called trader-moni. Where is the verifiable list? Our senators earn far more than the American President yet we are borrowing to finance our entire 2019 budget. Unemployment rate will jump to 33.5% in 2020.

The UN general assembly has projected that Nigeria shall remain the poverty capital of the world beyond 2050. That is 31years from now.

By then, our population shall double to 400million. It means that all the problems we have today will equally double or triple IF WE REFUSE TO REVOLT NOW and say NO to everything and everybody that has held us down as a people. With divine grace, God gave us about 40 natural resources spread across 420 locations across the length and breadth of the country.

No country on mother earth is as blessed! The persons destroying Nigeria in and out of government are less than 10,000. For how long will the 201million of us be silent? Forever?

It will be sheer stupidity and very unfair of us to be silent and bequeath today’s sorry Nigeria to our children.

For how long shall we continue to endure bad leadership from certificate forgers, election riggers, ritualists and yahoo politicians, hoping upon hope for a better tomorrow when things get worse by the day? We are too rich to be poor.

We are too blessed to be a mockery of the world!!! NO!!!

Ibrahim Dan Halidu

He spent 40hrs in detention with DSS., he was rearrested again today.


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