What China wants from Biden


What China wants from sleepy Joe. Biden.

Based on Joe Biden’s statements in and out of his basement it is very easy to conclude it will be nothing but a complete surrender of United States of America’s economy like Clinton and Obama did with $500b annual trade deficit, and a stay order of US manufacturers that relocated to China during Clinton, Obama days.

China, in addition to stealing US technologies in the Universities will prefer a blind look from Joe Biden just like President Obama did when China hacked into the Federal Personnel records in DC and did nothing.

Biden will also not increase tariff on Chinese products to the detriments of US manufacturers during Presidents Clinton and Obama days, all US products which made it to China paid 25% in tarrif those of China in US market paid only 5%. those are the areas Trump addressed.

Just last week, Joe Biden told his donors he will role back the corporates taxes from 21% to 40% as it was before Trump took over, a policy which favors China more than US manufacturers.

Biden with trade interest in China himself through his son Hunter is not strong enough to handle the Chinese tricks, he will stay away from prosecuting all the Huwei staff accused of stealing US Trade secrets and it will be business as usual.

China will further ask Biden to stay away from the Philipines islands, Southern Chinese Ocean, forget Hong Kong and Taiwan interest and infact be rated second or third behind China.

During the Presidential debates Fox will ask him to defend all the above, his answers will be used to determine his unfitness for the job of President.

Keep the above analysis and questions when he will be asked during the debate to remember where you first heard it.

So far, Joe Biden with the support of the Liberal Press never explained his trade polices for Europe, Mexico, Canada or Africa,  the Liberal  Press will shield him up from details because he has no new policy other than to go back to what failed in the past during Obama and Clinton days.

Zents Sowunmi, a conservative author, writes from Mastic Beach,  New York.



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