WBC Champion Deontay Wilder fights Dominic Breazealle tonight


NEWSZENTS: WBC Champion, Loud mouth champion Deontay Wilder who avoided fighting IBF, WBA, WBO champions in ten years of his career will tonight fights Dominc Braezealle inside the Barclays center Brooklyn New York to defend the WBC belt for the 9th time, if he wins he will join the rank of champions with over 9 wins to defend the Belt.

It is expected to be a controversial fight as a result of the careles hypes from Deontay, in which he promised to kill his opponent. For the first time he will entered the ring with a 223Ibs weight against Dominic with 255Ibs and may be charged for murder if he kills his opponent.

       Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

Deontay who never made more the $2m in all his fights until he fought Tyson Fury, the British former WBA, IBF champion who returned to the ring after 2 years of drug related issues, it was a December fight which helped to up his money, despite the two knock downs, and a draw which helped to keep his WBC Belt, however, the deficiencies in his boxing skills was glaring, he knew nothing about jabbing as the fight with Fury inside California Staple Center exposed him to his American fans and they wondered if he could match the skills of AJ.

Furthermore, Deontay with a controversial draw with Tyson Fury, he now needed to up his game with his mouth hype up with his belt as if WBC is the only belt in Boxing, but it is not, unknown to him WBA is the first and oldest Heavyweight belt in the world since 1921 when Jack fought George known then as NBA until 1962 when the name was changed to WBA a year after in 1963, WBC was formed as Sonny Liston the first Champion who lost to Mohamed Ali.

      WBC Champion  Deotay Wilder

Secondly, Deontay  Wilder is yet to build a committed followers in America or world wide like AJ who had 100,000 arena filled fans and massive endorsement from Amour and Jeep vehicles.

To be regarded as the undisputed Heavywright of the world in the class of Ali, Foreman, Mike Tyson, Buster  Douglas, Evander Holyfield etc, all the five belts must have one holder, right now, 4 of the 5 belts are with the unified Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua from Nigeria.

Can Deontay Wilder of Alabama make up his mind to fight the real unified champion AJ with 4 belts?

When he was offered $100m to fight AJ he refused, the excuse he gave was not only funny, but stupid, he claimed AJ had in the past refused $50m his camp offered and will that be the reason he rejected the fight fans would love to see?

Instead, Wilder is pushing for 2021 when he will be 35 and probably too old to fight or win against AJ more like a retirement cash out from the ring.

Too much of a gamble, what happens if he loses against Dominic tonight? His market value will crash, as Dominic will have the chance to fight AJ in a return fight he lost about two years ago, at the same time,  with Deontay out of the equation, if he wins, he can still postpone the evil day.

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer and author


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