Washington State introduced Bill to ask for Trump tax returns before 2020 elections


The Democrat controlled Washington State introduced a Bill to keep  President Donald Trump off 2020  Federal elections in their state unless he can provide their state his tax returns.

The Bill requires all candidates including a serving President Trump to produce his five years tax returns which will look into his finances at least a year before he became President in 2016.

Unfortunately for Democrats or Washington State no US law requires any candidate for Federal election to submit his tax returns except financial statement on the Federal Form as issues of taxes are personal and solely  between IRS and citizens of America.

The US. IRS code  views any person nosing into tax returns of an individual without his or her permission as a busy body and no state law or Court  can subpoena IRS on tax returns of Americans. It is illegal and such request if made will be ignored.

In most of the decided cases, US Supreme Court have always taken the position of separating  and discouraging busy bodies from personal tax returns of Americans as the system of IRS is difficult to beat without paying taxes and it is unimaginable to live in the country, and even do business without paying taxes.

Only US Congress can ask the Treasury Secretary to ask IRS to release to the Congress the tax returns of Trump and it must never be made public meaning a secret committee can view it only not for public consumption.

Why did past Presidential  candidates show their tax returns?

Until 1973 President Nixon who was under audit over his taxes on his own volition released his tax returns from 1969 the year he became the US  President after President LB Johnson left office in 1968 to open up his taxes to voters.

Jimmy Carter in 1978 went further he released 16 years of tax returns and many complied with this unrequired system.

President Richard Nixon historically became the first president to show his tax returns, he believed he could tell Americans how generous he was, the foundations and groups he  had donated to for him to look good and it was just a promotion package not required by the law.

Nixon said the people need to know that their President was not a crook” that was in 1973 how ever, Nixon resigned from office over other issue unrelated to his taxes.

Can a state government regulate the conditions for Federal Elections?


However, that will be a case to be decided by the Supreme Court controlled by Republican appointees. As both New Jersey and Washington states with similar anti-trump law will be asked questions.

President Donal J Trump taxes if released may exposed all the friends and groups he had donated to in the past and many of them may be used by Democrats to campaign against him.

The above  was the fear of the founding fathers as to why the issues of Tax returns was not included in 1789 Constitution, many of them were slave owners and members of clubs and organizations not favorable to the opposition

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer


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