USA: What is going on?


AMERICA: What is going on?

While Democrats are fighting Hillary Clinton’s war for losing 2016 elections against President Trump after eight years of another Democrat govt of Obama as if US is a one Party State, China the economic rival of US is gaining all US traditional business partners like, Brazil, Venezuela and most of the nations in South America, US lost Africa completely to China years ago, Jamaica is also a China trade partner not US.

  • This Sept. 16, 2013 photo, Donald Trump appears on the “Fox & friends” television program in New York. He’s been a real estate mogul, a tabloid fixture and a reality TV star. And now Donald Trump, perennial self-promoter, is toying with the idea of challenging New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Trump, saying the state’s high taxes and tight gun-control laws make the popular Democratic incumbent vulnerable, has met with Republican leaders and has pledged to spend tens of millions of dollars on a potential campaign. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Democrats in the Congress refused to approve the new President Trump USMSCA trade agreement with Mexico, and Canada, the trade agreement with Japan and South Korea are never discussed by any Democrats controlled committees.

Why will US Democrats controlled Congress destroy the presidency over Ukraine when trade deals to improve US economy should be the main focus to take the nation out of the $23trillion debt?

US Chairman of Federal Reserve Powell just warned the nation that the current national debt can not sustain the economy but the Democrats controlled Congress are not listening.

The Bible says when a nation is about to go down, the leaders will not reason, or listen, in the last 30 years, US lost $8 trillion to senseless wars all over the world unlike, China in the last 30 years never went to war with any nation but US did and still doing with 800 military installations in 70 nations with no room to focus on home development unlike China.

In the last 30 years, China took advantage of US stupidity, it stole all US technology and copied them to compete and win against a focus less US still the US Congress could not see it.

While Democrats are fight Hillary’s war to destroy Trump’s  presidency, China is building her own internet to control the US own of www., China just got approval from IMF to compete with US Dollars as world exchange currency.

China believe 100 million will be the population of Beijing in 30yrs and houses for unborn generations are going on all over China with a lift or increase of how many kids a family can have.

US is suffering from housing needs, with decaying infrastructure and all attempt by President Trump to redress the wrong direction of the past is under tough resistance by the Democrats and deep State.

Like this Oracle said two weeks ago, US economy is on a time bomb without trade imbalances correction it will be over. China is after the technology of US Aircraft manufacturers and very soon it will no long need US even with the trade deal discussion going on.



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