US Trip: Don’t even try it. Oracle tells Atiku


In a book by late Ola Rotimi, the tortise was going on a senseless  journey they asked him when he will return, he said not until when he must have been disgraced.

A lot  has been mentioned on how a smiling Nigeria former Vice President and PDP flag bearer in the 2019 presidential election,  Alhaji Abubakar  Atiku finally secured a United States of America  Visa on his green Nigeria Passport  at home after a backroom discussion to package his ticket by Gen Obasanjo known as Ebora of Owu.

The joy of the Visa  to the former Vice President Abubakar Atiku and his fans after 13 years  of being involved in the Congressman Jefferson’s case, who kept the oil  bribe money of Hallibuton or so in a deep freezer before he was arrested by the FBI and sent to jail.

Even though, Atiku was not arrested in US he was a person of interest in the case and the way he got rid of his US property and  his 4th wife in US made him more than a suspect as his name futured in US court records.

However,  the funny smile on Atiku’s face after he got the US visa could be likened to that of  a smiling St.Buhari too who embrassed his attestation WASC result from WAEC from Ghana even though it was an examination conducted by the University of Cambridge not WAEC like a candy, the Oracle says  both Buhari and Atiku are some kind of case studies on the history of Nigeria politics, when ignorance is everything.

This Oracle will truthfully advise “Oko Titilayo”  (ano Yoruba) in-law Alhaji  Atiku in his wisdom or otherwise to stay at home eat fura or tuwo, if possible add Suya to it, instead of allowing his former boss President Obasanjo to get him arrested in a foreign land with no one to talk to, not even,  a Mosque to pray five times a day, and it is very lonely there.

Former Vice President  Atiku

The question is why will Atiku trust Obasanjo’s assurance that FBI will waive his case when the Congressman Jefferson went to jail for the same offense? It does not make sense.

Note, Obasanjo’s political friends in US are Democrats not Republicans, from Georgia State Andrew Young to former President Jimmy Carter and they are no friends of President Trump, a Republican.

Also, the FBI set up is too independent for a sitting President to influence without running into problem of being charged for obstruction of Justice himself, the idea of banking on Trump is stupid and ignorance of US legal system, FBI system is not like EFCC.

However, if he Atiku after  this warning steps on US soil because some guys in US Embassy in Nigeria fooled him with a US Visa,  Atiku must realize only the immigration officer at the port of entry  has the authority to disregard or approve the Visa on his passport to enter the country. And if he the immigration officer through the data available on his desk  is aware of any pending case, even as little as unpaid Child support on Atiku’s  record, not to talk of a court record, the same immigration officer  will alert FBI for his arrest. It is the rule here.

The unfortunate thing is this,  Atiku may not return to Nigeria years after the winner of 2019 election might have completed his term in office, while he Atiku may end up in a US Federal Jail in either the cold Upstate of New York or Virginia  and from what I have read, the weather is not only cold and unfriendly it is bitterly freezing for a man used to hot Adamawa climate.

The Oracle will advise Atiku to save Nigeria the embarrassment of his arrest on the CNN or Fox News particulary those of us in diaspora who may have to share in the ugly discussion of his arrest with others. Stay at home is the keyword here for the wise.

However,  if after all these epistles of St.Oracle,  Atiku still wants to go to the Yankee, to see the Times Square, or Statue of Liberty, or see the stripes on Yankee jersey baseball  in the Bronx or Apollo theater in the Harlems, instead of checking those areas on Youtube,  let him have answers to the following questions.

1. How many offices does he have in Dubai?

2. How many properties in Dubai?

3. Any debt or credit to foreign nations?

4. Has he appointed those to manage his business in Dubai and Nigeria in case he has to go to jail in US?

These are some of the questions he needs to address before traveling to US because the FBI don’t play, no bribe can help him get out if arrested, and  Buhari who he is trying to take his job will not help him.

Or let him wait until after election, if he wins, his sins will be forgiven it is the way things work in US, as it is, Atiku is not a commercial value to America, but will be if he wins.

Let Atiku read Ola Rotimi book again for him not to return in disgrace like the tortise planned.

Warmest Regards.



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