US: The Trump economy


Tunji Bello US economy did good under President Reagan because it was built on manufacturing industries sustained by Bush 41 his successor until Bill Clinton 42 changed it to services only (technology) with his WTO and NAFTA treaties and about 60,000 manufacturing companies left the nation China, Mexico and Canada dominated US markets with their products and many lost their jobs or switched to ordinary service jobs that had nothing to do with manufacturing and it could not sustain the two wars Bush 43rd went against Iraqi and Afganistan for national security.

When Obama took over in 2009 it was a mess, but he used the same Clinton advisers to fix the economy he did not focus on the manufacturing industries hence the economy recovered at a snail speed because he had no major wars like Bush.

Too many regulations in place because NAFTA and WTO held down the growth of the various industries. Obama went for new energy deal against the coal miners in 25 states of US and thousands lost their jobs.

Trump 45 removed all the NAFTA regulations and many manufacturing jobs came back as at last month 375,000 new jobs created, the coal miners in all the 25 states are back to work and all the US companies are re-opening with President Trump using the tariffs on China, Mexico and Canadian products to protect US companies.

Today manufacturing jobs are coming back and the economy is growing with less than 4% unemployment, GDP went from snail growth on 1.1% of Obama to 4.1% of Trump.

This is the first time somebody with the love of manufacturing industries is in charge since President Ronald Reagan.


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