US: The most competitive nation in world


When measured on judicial independence and levels of corruption, the U.S. falls outside the top 10.

The country also lags behind most advanced economies in terms of healthy life expectancy, which measures expected years of life in good health. The U.S. figure is 67.7 years, slightly lower than Sri Lanka’s and China’s and three years below the average for advanced economies.

Technology penetration is also relatively low compared to other developed economies, including mobile-broadband subscriptions and internet use. Only 76% of adult Americans regularly use the internet, below the average for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Overall in the index, Switzerland fell to fourth place this year from first place last year, overtaken by the U.S., Singapore and Germany. The top 10 was completed by Japan, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, the U.K., Sweden and Denmark

The rankings rely on public data on measures such as inflation and debt levels along with a survey of chief executives.




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