US Supreme Court Justice Politics

  1. US Supreme Court Justice Politics.

Professor Ms Ford, a Clinical Psychologist with University of Alto California, a Democrat, and donor to Hillary Clinton, could not remember, the house, the address and the other girls at the party she looò Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assauted her as the age of 15 when she   was 17, except the name of a close friend of Brett Jude, who had denied under oath such event or party took place.

The Democracts in attempt to delay the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh until after the Mid-Term election hoping to regain the Senate wants FBI to help her memory with a long investigation that may take months to finish.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, FBI said, Judge Brett Kavanaugh had been checked six times in the past and nothing had been found to suggest further check would be needed, meaning, the accusation from Ford is now from a busy body that will be ignored by FBI.

Furthermore, US Senate Committee on Judiciary, Chairman said he had sent emails, phone mesages and a written invitation letter on Monday to Ms Ford to appear in person next week Monday before the committee either in public or private to confront Judge Brett Kavanaugh who under oath had denied such an event ever happened, so far, Ms Ford had not replied.

Brett Kavanaugh a distinguish Judge with over 300 legal papers and 12 yrs experience in the US circuit court of Appeal is married with two daughters, his integrity confirmed by 65 women from the same High School Ms Ford claimed to have attended, up to those who went to the University with him and work mates at Bush White House as a man of integrity and a gentleman.

Ms Ford’s claim of sexual assault, is not a Federal case for FBI to handle, beside it is too long about 36 years ago to assume FBI will have a memory jugling machine that will identify tho could help her or recreate the past for her as a psychologist one would expect her to know better

The idea of anyone just waking up with fonny accusation is not what FBI could entertain, it could even be a dream or a form of hallucination from Ms Ford as her assume sexual assault case is falling like pack of cards to the surprise of the Democrats still crying over the 2016 loss of election of crooked Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

Zents Sowunmi


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