US Senate Report blamed Russia only for using Social media on 2016 election to favor Trump

U.S. President Barack Obama (L) talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) and U.S. security advisor Susan Rice (2nd L) prior to the opening session of the Group of 20 (G20) Leaders summit summit in the Mediterranean resort city of Antalya, Turkey November 15, 2015. Man at 2nd R is unidentified. REUTERS/Cem Oksuz/Pool TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY - RTS76PQ

My ways are not your ways, God of Israel said in the Bible Isaiah 55:8-9 and this is a fact a nation built on the  doctrines of Christian and jewish values is now finding it difficult to understand after years of diversity in its population that all outcome  of any event in life are controlled by the Supreme God either positive or nagative in the thinking of man unless God is not in control fortunately God is and will forever be for US as long as they put the trust of the nation in God.

The United States  Senate after 18 months  of analysing the result of 2016 Presidential election which Trump won constitutionally through electoral college  system blamed Russia for using social media like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Wikileaks etc to help Trump win the presidency  against Hillary Clinton who had the funny popular votes unrecognized by the 1789 Philadelphia Document known as US Constitution.

NewsZents analyst rejects the Senate report as lacking in adequate understanding of the history behind the  US Constitution, particularly,  why James Madison, one of the founding fathers of US Constitution through the Virginia Report introduced Electoral College system into the Constitution in what was termed as “the fear of intrugue”  by the founding fathers.

James Madison and his group  in 1789 argued the adoption of electoral college votes system would protect the interest of smaller states like Ohio, Maine, Oklahoma in who becomes the US President as against the collective interest of bigger states like New York, Texas and California. It was the reason popular votes was rejected and it is not a new system popped up to help Trump in 2016, the problem is those who could not accept the victory of Donald Trump against Hillary failed to read the Constitution.

Interestingly, one Mr.Khan, an immigration lawyer, the father of dead US war hero from Pakistan or so, during the Democrat Convention asked  then candidate Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton to read the Constitution and he did and he, Trump found the winning formular of electoral college system to the surprise of the liberal media that made fun of Trump.

However, this 2018  Senate  report  on the role of Russia was treated in isolation of other nations during the 2016 elections, and it failed to mention the nagative or pro Hillary role of other nations or media in 2016 presidential election, it was as if other nations did nothing and the whole field was left to the Russians alone to decide who won the 2016 election.

The role of other nations.

Are we now made to understand that China which was the focus of then candidate Trump in the campaign did nothing and we are unable able to believe a nation ready to lose up to $800b yearly from trade imbalance in a Trump presidency with a history of hacking all the personnel records of Federal workers in the White House  in 2015 under Obama who did nothing to China, and China again did nothing in 2016 elections to protect her interest?

What an oversight or inadequate report from the US Senate?

More also, North Korea with a threat to its nuclear plant which then candidate Trump promised to bomb throughout his campaign did nothing or  UK with her Briexit  which Trump supported against the British establisment and employment of  Mr. Steel, a British spy to write a dosier on Trump paid for by Hillary and DNC had nothing to do with the British government which late John McCain a known political enemy of Trump passed to the FBI which was never verified?

What a crappy report?

What about Mexico which then candidate Trump in the begining of his campaign called suppliers of drugs and rapists to US  with all their negative press on all the spanish speaking television stations in latin America like Mundo etc , and radio stations in all the Central America on GOP candidate and that did not influence the election?

What a report?

Spiritually,  all the Muslim world countries  in all their Mosques in all the Middle East countries and Africa including North of Nigeria  even here in the United States  went into prayer wars against the candidacy of Trump with all the negative prayers that failed to influence the Will of God.

Furthermore,  it is funny or undermining intelligence of all Americans that  all the 100 US Senators or those who supported the Russia “fake story” on facebook and social media could not figure it out as long as Russia did not change the figures of the elections in any state or followed Americans with guns to the polls to vote for Trump and we are to believe the Social media stories is solid enough?

NewsZents says the Senate report is a slap on the inelligence of all Americans as to why electoral college votes was better than the stupid popular votes which made Trump President against Hillary Clinton who conieved with the British Spy Mr. Steel to write a negative dosier on Trump or her closeness to Ukraine another foreign government, even China all which gave her support before and during the election.

On Russia itself, the female  Attorney from Russia who asked for a meeting at the Trump Tower was let into the country without visa by Obama DOJ and if all those facts could not be assembled by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller as to why President  Trump was just a victim of event that made him to focus on winning strategically through electoral college after he lost the support of liberal New York, his home State  with all his investments and that of his parents and Conneticutt, then it will be right to conclude the Senate is yet to tell the nation what they found about Russia or why they are afraid of Hillary Clinton.

Questions for US Senate.

Did  Senate or FBI see the server that was hacked by the Russians ? No

Is FBI in possession of Hillary server as exhibit in Court? No

Why did FBI allow Hillary to destroy evidence? And bleaching of 33,000 emails?

How did Russia target African Americans with less than 15% voters instead of 25% Hispanics?

This assumption from the Senate Report on the African Americans  is a slap on the black that ordinary facebook can determine who they vote for between Hillary and Trump, at a time when unemployment of the blacks was 58%, with number one school dropouts and larger numbers of those in jail.

Most African Americans voted for Trump because they wanted a change from the years of unfulfiled dreams under Democrats even when Obama could not reform or place a black man in the Supreme Court it has nothing to do with Russia.

If FBI and Senate is not in possession of assuned hacked Server, it is nothing but fake stories cooked up by the Democrats to undermine the electoral college system

Is this why Social media used by all friends and enemies of Trump during the election became the victims of the failure of the system to see the server hacked? Yes

My ways are not your ways says the God Almighty in Book of Isaiah 55:8-9 social media excuse given by the Senate was not the reason why Trump won the 2016 the election but with strategic electoral college planning system made it possible and was free from the hands of Russians.

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer.


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