US Senate voted 97/2 to back NATO against Trump’s tough policy


NEWSZENTS: Following Trump’s repeated attacks on NATO ahead of the NATO summit, the Senate voted 97-2 on a motion to re-endorse NATO and support the mission of NATO. Lawrence discusses with David Corn, Ruth Marcus, and David Leonhardt.

In another related issue, despite all the noise about US President Donald Trump over NATO, his policy had made NATO richer with over $40b new funds from members Trump forced to contribute.

40 years ago the total US spending on NATO defense budget was 50 percent, and it went up to 72 percent as members left almost everything to US to fund, until Russia took Crimea from Ukraine and the last US three President could not address the lack of fund of NATO until President Trump confronted every member of NATO to pay up or lose membership or he may disband the whole organization.

By 2024 at 15 member nations will be in financial payment compliance  and that put a big smile on the face of the Secretary General when additional $40b came from members through the intervention of President Trump in the the last one year of his presidency.





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