US Politics: How the game is played.


Plan to destroy PrezTrump and US Constitution

As the battle of President Trump with the Special Counsel Robert Mueller goes up this week with the Statement from the former Mayor of New York Rudi Gullianni on how Trump will defend himself, it is better to ask the following questions.

When will the Trump legal team investigate the possibility of Robert Mueller contact with Comey by phone, meetings, or secret dinner, or emails, prior to his appointment as Special Counsel to investigate President Trump?

Who recommended Mueller to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosensten before his appointment and did it occur to the Congress and US Senate that Deputy AG fired James Comey not President Trump?

Why is it that James Comey a political appointee is so bitter at Trump instead of Rod Rosensten the Deputy Attorney General who actually fired him as FBI Director?

When will Americans be brave enough to tell James Comey he was not a career staff of FBI but a political appointee whose job depended at the mercy of any President according to the Constitution?

Or when did US become a nation without the respect for the Constitution just because Hillary Clinton lost 2016 election constitutionally?

There is more to the happenings of this “Witch hunt” investigation on the presidency, the Oracle says, the objective of the Democrats is not only to destroy Trump, but to destroy the US Constitution itself. If you doubt this statement read the happening in all the states controlled by the Democrats.
In the state of Connecticut, the electoral college vote will be destroyed, the state just passed a law to that effect, no matter the winner in the state, the winner of the popular vote at the Federal level like Hillary Clinton in 2016 will get the electoral vote of the state, so it is now in almost 11 states controlled by Democrats, they no longer have respect for the Constitution again, and they are not bold to present it to the Congress for amendment because they know it will fail.
Yesterday, in the District of Columbia controlled by the Democrats the voting age will be reduced to 16 years just to weaken the system.
In the State of California, the Democrats made it difficult to verify the voting records and identities of the voters, gradually Democrats is encouraging underage voters like third world countries.

Sanctuary states and Cities and disregard of US immigration system and Open border system are within all the states of Democrats

The Oracle says United States after President Trump if the Democrats succeed will no longer use the 1789 Constitution of its founding fathers, it will be replaced with a liberal documents with ideologies of many nations that will weaken the system, a country with no values with all the sins of Soddom and Gomorrah included.

The good news is this, Republican Party still control 35 states as Governors and 39 states Houses, with the Congress and State, the November mid term elections is a challenge to the existence of America as we know it now.



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