US Politics: How the Game is played (4)


Hillary-Clinton-at-senate-015NewsZents: Out of 3142 counties (local governments) in America. Hillary Clinton  won in 500 counties the rest, for Mr. Donald J Trump of the GOP. Hillary Clinton of DNC big wins in two big cities like New York and LA gave her the popular votes otherwise, she lost bigly like Trump would say in almost 75% of US counties.

How can a win in New York and LA which are full of liberals and controlled US Press determine the President of America?

The founding father of America constitution through James Madison in his Virginia report introduced the electoral college to make a winner have the backings of both the small and big cities in the outcome of the election in America on what was called “the fear of intrigue”

At a time when Mr. Khan the father of a dead American hero from Pakistan was asking Donald Trump to read the Constitution he should have asked Hillary Clinton to read the very book that could have helped her to win.

However, Trump read the Constitution as advised by Mr. Khan unlike. Hillary who did not particularly the Virginia Report on the fear of intrigue as to the reasons for the inclussion of electoral college in the Constitution.

Trump job approval ratings on his appointment of his White House Staff is now 55% and he has not taken office.

Under Obama the Democrats lost 1003 seats at state and federal level, in the last election 12 Democrats Governors lost for running on Obama record. Hillary lost too on Obama’s record. It is unfortunate for President Obama to think he could have won if he had the third chance.

His records no longer motivates the Americans like it was in 2008 and 2012 this 2016 is a year for change from Obama policies that ballooned the national debt from $11 trillion to $21 trillion and a complete mess in the middle East. His middle finger last minute action against Israel on UN resolution may not go down well for his legacy.

One good thing about American politics, mid term election is coming to determine how effective a Trump administration will be or not but it is the last hope of the Democrats as 18 of the Senators are due for re-election and chances are there for a high performance from Trump may increase GOP current 52 to 62 Senators and that will be enough to amend the porous and weakened areas of the Constitution due to years of liberals in government which may nail the Democrats into a complete political comatose, today the GOP controls more than 32 Governors from 50 states.

Democrats must retool and remove the old hands like Nancy Pelosi from the activity of the Party and must learn to speak like American Party, not like a world controlled party with loyalty to foreign ideologies.

US flag and Constitution must be enough for them right now, my political party GOP represents the US Flag and US Constitution only and that was the reason GOP won as the Party with loyalty to America and her principle on western civilization.

To be Continued

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based political analysts knowns as the Oracle And author of several books available on


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