US DOJ Inspector General found bias against Trump by FBI


NZT: The much awaited report of US Department of Justice Inspector General found the former FBI Director James Comey of insorbodination and power grabber in the way he handled Hillary Clinton email scandal.

The report also identified five of the FBI who colluded with hostility towards then candidate Donald Trump, the much anticipated set up in January was released exactly 2pm on Thursday June 2018.

The report however, fell short of details expected but somehow, it found those under investigation by the Inspector General manipulated the system as investigators and supervisors of three years FBI investigation that freed the former Secretary of State.

It also found those responsible to have written their report to free Hillary Clinton long before the investigation was concluded.

The report said involved never placed Hillary Clinton under oath when she was reluctantly interviewed, and it could not be described as interogation, in the language of the Attorney General Loratta, it was to be referred to as ordinary matter.

The report wondered why the meeting of the former President Bill Clinton with former Attorney General Loretta at the tacmac of Arizona Airport was not treated as obstruction of Justics somehow it called error of judgement on the part of the AG.

The report described Obama’s Attorney General as weak and lacking in decision making which desrespected Department of Jistics ethics.

Surprisingly, the report failed to condemn the actions of James Comey the fired FBI Director on Hillary Clinton the DNC presidential candidate, instead, the report described the event unusual and unprecedented in the history of the Department, it thereby gave a free pass to the nagative actions of the fired FBI Director. Along the way it was discovered James Comey used his own personal email to do FBI job which made it impossible for him to see anything. wrong with Hillary

GOP Congress Gowdy described the report as low key, as the issue of the matter in the core investigation like the 30,000 destroyed emails, classified document were side stepped.

It confirmed the fear of the Republicans that it was wrong to have allowed FBI and DOJ to investigate itself, which was why an independent Special Counsel was requested.

The report may led to further agitations for a second Special Counsel by the Congress and the future of Mueller Special Counsel on Russia which was based on the activities of the five top workers of FBI that manipulated the system for the appointment of Mueller.

In another development all attemps by the Congress Intelligence Committee to get document on Russia investigation had been stonewalled by the Deputy Attorney General in charge of the Russia investigation after Attorney Genetal Jeff Session of Alabama recuse himself as a membet of Trump’s Campaign team.

Two options available to the Congress will be to ask President Trump to order Deputy Rod Rodseinsin to released the document or the Congress can impeach the Deputy Attorney General.

In anticipation of these two options, Deputy AG threatened to subpoena all the emails and phone records of the Congressmen investigating the FBI as it is now, the stage is set for a new fight between the Congress and FBI including Department of Justice after the release of Inspector General report.

The Speaker of the House Paul Ryam who is not seeking a return to the Congress in November elections has not made a statement and by the end of business this week he will have to say something.

Zents Sowunmi writes from Brooklyn New York.


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