US Deputy AG Rod Rosenstien resigns


NEWSZENTS: US Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosensten who constitutionally advised President Trump to fire former FBI Director James Comey and after the Democrats made noise later turn around to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate President Trump for firing James Comey in order to please the Democrats will be leaving the Department of Justice after two years of disloyalty to the President with more than a faceup distrust.

Rod Rosenstien in his guidelings also included Russia and other related issues in his assignment to Robert Mueller a frustrated former FBI Director who failed a job interview with President Trump on the vacant FBI Director job immediately after Comey was removed.

At one time,the Deputy Attorney General was found to have advised anyone in Trump’s meeting to wear wiretapped equipment to have a record on the President in order to get him removed under article 25 though he denied it, but for the midterm elections and the Mueller investigation, President Trump would have removed him earlier than now.

Rod Rosenstien was appointed by former Attorney General Jeff Session from Maryland to help the old Senator cope with the pressure of the Department of Justice but the Senator surprisingly recused himself from his function as AG only for Rod Rosentien his deputy to appoint and expand the job of the Special counsel to the point of witch hunting President Trump and those who worked with him.

The White House said all appointments are only good for two years and the Deputy AG must have served his terms.

The job of a Deputy AG is a level 2 Executive cadre of $189,000 pay per annum, a former Attorney from the liberal state of Maryland, married to a Democrat woman though a registered Republican who never contributed to any Republican candidate.

President Trump after midterm election fired Jeff Session, he appointed Witaker as the acting AG which made observers to start counting the days Deputy AG too will be history like his boss.

President Trump later appointed Mr. Barr former AG under late President Bush who will soon be confirmed by the Republican controlled Senate.

Rod Rosenstien tenure as Deputy AG was not a friendly period for President Trump, more like working with an enemy within.



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