US Court of Appeal dismissed case against Gen Flynn.


US Court of Appeals ordered the case against Gen Flynn dismissed.

“U have no authority to hang unto the case Lower Courts Judge told”

The US Appeal Court on Party lines voted 2/1 with Obama only appointee on the opposition side.

The two other Judges Bush and Trump appointees told Judge Sullivan a Democrat appointed Judge, he had no right to hang unto any case once the DOJ said it was dropping the case.

Judge Sullivan was described more like a busy body with a political agenda than the fact of the case.

Gen Flynn, a decorated war time General, with 33 years experience was set up by Obama FBI that eventually unmasked him in his job as National security adviser to a newly elected President Trump.

General Flynn had a history of disagreement with President Obama over Gen Mcalester interview with the Rolling stones Magazine in which the General and his team described Obama as very waived over the Syria problem.

The two Generals were frustrated out of the Military and both joined President Trump as a candidate in 2016 elections.

Flynn was almost Trump’s pick as running mate but due to the pressure from the Republican Party Former Governor of Indiana Mike Spence was selected.



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