US citizens will now need Visa to visit 22 countries in Europe by 2021


The Special commission of European Union just approved a need for 22 countries in Europe led by Germany, France, Italy and Spain to demand for a three years  Special visa from Americans from January 1st,  2021 before they can visit the countries United States of America military saved from USSR and Hitler during the first and second world war.


These free loader nations used the United States of  America to defend their countries, rebult their economies, for almost 70 years until US is broke with 22 trillion dollar debt which now  requires them to pay their bills.

Until President Trump asked them to pay up their outstanding bills it was business as usual, most Americans work two jobs to support programs that is protecting Europe while most of the European  work only one job

Britain is not part of these gang up, a visible friend of US  and not a member  Europe Union.


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