US/China Trade war starts today with new Tariffs from US


NEWSZENTS:United States of America trade war  with China officially starts today with President Trump new tariffs against Chinese products. The US President Donald Trump has threatened to increase the tariffs to $500b if China fails to play by the books and stop currency manipulation and copyrights infringement of US products.
China also in teturn promised to introduce tariffs on equivalence of US products should the US government go ahead with the new tariffs, both countries could not reach any agreement as the trade imbalance favors China more than US with over $500b yearly trade deficit for the American government.

To circumvent this new trade wars, the Chinese government have been exploring new market opportunities and infrastructural development in Africa and South America to protect Chinese products and industries and only time will tell, if the policy will beat US with a $43trillion market and almost free $500b trade advantage it is currently enjoying over US.




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