US 41st President George Bush dies at 94 years


NEWSZENTS: The US 41st  President George H  Bush was  born in the State of Maine, at the age of  18, he abandoned his Yale University to join the US Airforce during second world war, his Airforce jet  was shot down by the Japanese  and he survived.He had over 58 mission attacks for the Airforce.

BUSH came back home to finish up his education at Yale  University,  he married young to his wife Barbara,  he moved his young family to Texas in search of Oil in the age of oil rush and it was there he became Texas Oil man at 30 years old,  he raised his family of six children  in the state he adopted as his.

President George H Bush loved skydiving

George Bush  ran for office as US  Senate and lost, he ran for Congressman and lost  until President Nixon nominated him as US Ambassador to China, later  he became CIA Director when President  Ford wanted somebody to clean up the agency after the mess of President Richard  Nixon who resigned.

In the GOP,  he ran for President after the first four primaries Bush dropped out, later the winner of the primaries, Gov. Ronald Reagan of California picked  Bush as his VP nominee for the election they both won.

As the Vice President,  he brought honor and dignity to President Reagan’s administration, he was discribed as the most level headed member of the group, he changed the negative opinion of President Reagan on China and Soviet Union, after eight years as VP, he ran for  President himself and won in 1988

As  President, he conducted the Desert storm war against Iraqi leader Sadam Hussain over Kuwait, his popularity was so high until he raised the taxes of what became the political slogan “Read my lips” which cost him re-election in 1992.

Bush 41  Clinton 42

Bush 41 lost the 1992 election to Gov Bill Clinton on Arkansas over campaign promise, he retired to Texas. He was noted for the dangerous Sky diving games to celebrate his birthdays until he was stopped by his son the 43rd US President and Gov Jeb Bush of Florida

Later in life he got closer to Bill Clinton who defeated him in 1992 election, he was more like the father Bill Clinton never had, in 2016 as against all protocols, he took side with the Clintons against Donald Trump the candidate of his Republican Party which Hillary Clinton lost.

With Hillary Clinton

Bush decision to support  Hillary  against Trump in 2016 elections was seen from two areas, his relationship to Bill Clinton and the lost of the primaries of his son Jeb Bush to mouthy Donald Trump who called Jeb Bush low energy candidate.

With Trump decades earlier

William Quwan a Fox News commentor said Bush was a baseball  and Golf lover. Bush  met Babe Ruth who was all time base ball home run leader in the history of the game.

George Bush died as an American hero loved by all and admired by his political adversaries, a man who made friends with those who hated him in the past, the father of George W Bush the 43rd US President, his favorite son Jeb Bush, the former Governor of Florida almost the nominee of the Republican Party before Trump politically ended the Bush political dynasty.

The 1st VP to be elected President since 1834, Bush appointed 2 Supreme Court Justices including the only Black on the bench. He introduced visa lottery for immigrants evenly spread to all countries. He was the most prepared for the office of President with all his appointments he went through  also the oldest US President ever lived and the last of the World War two veterants.

Late President Bush will be buried in Texas or where else could he be buried if not Texas the Cowboy state? His Library with all the memories of works to humanity  is in College Station, Texas.

May his soul rest in peace.

Zents Sowunmi  is a writer and author lives in Brooklyn New York, he lived in Texas until 2011


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