Untimely harmless Packages in Obama, Clinton and CNN office ahead of Midterm elections


Just as the so-called blue waive which the Democrats relied on to win the mid term election to secure a win of the Senate and House  after the massive defeat it suffered in 2016 with the emergence of President Trump in office, the possibility of an outcome of 2018 election may be favorably as expected and the advantage of the 10,000 Caravan from Central America that is now making President Trump policies  to look good in the midterm election which may  defy the usual practice of the President in office losing the House in US election, something unusual that may look like a planned action came up.

Or why would the attack or the package sent come from the Right wingers when they are set to keep both Senate and House going by the polls release few days ago? As if the package sent to George Soro on Monday did not attract enough attention as expected by the Left, the recent packages to the three top creams of DNC and Media may do the damage on the Republicans to keep the two houses

The US Secret Service announced today it had intercepted three suspicious packages sent to three leaders of the Democrats, former President Obama, Hillary Clinton the 2016 flag bearer of DNC, and CNN the most anti Trump news media in America which he called Fake News, a law enforcement officer said all the three packages were similar to the one sent on Monday to George Soro, a big donor of the Democrats.

White House condemned the packages and it has instructed both FBI and police to fish out those behind it, unless it was done to sway public opinion by the left wing, the police should arrest those behind it before the November 6th Mid Term elections, no matter the outcome, the debate on the media from now on will be the packages found in Clinton, Obama, Soro George and CNN not the 10,000 Caravan coming to US that is currently in favor of President Trump.

Going by the track records of the Democrats when in government from a Party that waived the visa for the Russian female Lawyer who later implicated Trump Tower meeting in what became a Russia collusion and secretly paid for what became the dossier on which the FISA warrant was issued to spy on Trump Campaign team, a Special Counsel was set up by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who fired former FBI Director James Comey and later set up a special Counsel to investigate President Trump for firing Comey on what has been seen as conflict of interest even after he was accused of secretly planning to tape President Trump to fast track his impeachment through 25th Amendment process, Newszents says  it will not be strange if the source could be traced to the left wingers.

What ever the case  the result will be known after the mid-term election unless FBI can fast track action and bring to justice those responsible whatever the situation  President Trump will make two likely changes in his administration, both Attorney General Jeff Session and his Deputy Rod Rosenstein may be eased out of the cabinet.


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