Unsecured Silence from Bubari’s Presidency


Newszents: It is unfortunate to note no national Security emergency meeting in the last one week to address the 30 days ultimatum from Miyetti Allah, the new terrorists Organization in the country like Boko Haram.

      Head of the Military  Gen Buratai.

No statement from the Speaker of Federal House of Representatives  Hon. Femi Hakeem Gbajabiamila, who was dragged to Mecca before he got the job.

No statement to assure the troubled nation from the Senate President Ahmed Liman, not even a word from Inspector General of Police.

The Director General of DSS never said anything , EFCC, even the Chief of Staff of Nigeria Army all of them closed mouth.


The Minister of interior Affairs Gen Danbazau who controls the Police, Prison and internal security never made a statement on Miyetti Allah at a time the nation or the 225 tribes of Nigeria now live in fear of their homestead,and cultural heritage from the hands of those the Minister of Information Lai Mohamed in the past called foreigners that were allowed into the country without visa or documentation because of the ECOWAS treaty Gowon signed in 1975 before he was removed from office.

Is this nation under the hostage of these foreign invaders called Fulani herdsmen?

The love of the presidency for these people is more than his love for the rest of Nigerians, and we have no way to verify these invaders who are not Nigerians, if they are, who registered their citizenship?

Those who could talk like General Danjuma, Obasanjo and Wole Soyinka, asked the nation to bear arms against these invaders, they asked us to look beyond Buhari for our security, in a Nation the whole security had been compromised by religion and tribalism.

The Oracle will agree with the wife of the President Aisha Buhari that her husband is not in charge and he is not looking at the Constitution and obviously he is not having our interest in his mind.

In 2002, after Buhari visited Late Governor Adesina to complain about the Saki fight between Fulani herdsmen and the Yoruba farmers, as a patron, he was unable to win the war of words with the Governor, it was at that stage, Miyetti Allah transformed to AK47 carrier.

The silence of President Buhari and his administration is a confirmation who is behind everything, and Danjuma, Wole Soyinka may be right.

Can we reclaim our country from these invaders or it is time to go separate if the leadership is under the control of this enemies?



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