Underage Marriage is a form of Rape Approved by Culture and Society


Rape is when you make love to a woman or man without consent. What about those who slept with underage girls or young girls in the name of marriage?

They are rapists approved by culture and society because an underage cannot determine if she can give her consent or not, due to fear of changing the culture or offending adults either as parent or authority of the society. Otherwise, a rapist is a rapist either approved by culture or disapproved by the law. We can also classify a rapist as a person with absolute control over the victim, he could exercise this control in any form, he could use, his age, violence, position, or power of money and culture approved by the society depending on the level of civilization, and that makes the victim incapable of defending herself, this control can also be approved by the society or disapproved based on the law of the land.

We have seen some societies women are used as tools to entertain visitors or friendship, it does not changed the fact the women were raped, and it will not rule out the women in question lacked the ability to defend themselves, in which they are not able to say “No” but will however live with the stigma of it for the rest of their lives.

Like I said earlier in the post, it is not even about the age, it is even not about the numbers, it is the ability of the woman or the victim to understand or old enough to determine how the rest of life would be managed.

To those posting the images of what you heard 2000 years ago in the Bible or Quran to justify “approved rape” called marriage to underage girls, I wish you guys good-luck. It will be okay for you to approve slavery too because it happened it, and be led as one, or be nailed to the Cross in the 21st Century because it happened in the past why not bring it back if that is all you have to defend approved rape in the 21st Century?

So stick to the post and leave religion out of this discussion, otherwise, you will be way out of it.



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