Unanswered questions between Ile-Ife and Ugboland


About a year or so, a 42 feet Moremi Ajaasoro Statue was displayed at Ile Ife by Ooni of Ife to immortalize the woman who like Mary the mother of Jesus in the Bible gave her only son to the course of her people. The look alike Statue of Liberty with a difference in the second hand is the tallest in Africa.

History told us of one Oluorogbo, the son of Moremi who became the victim of the oath of allegiance of his mother to one of the gods Esinmirin the river goddess if her journey to the land of the Ugbo could be a success and it was.

Moremi married the King of Ugbo to free Ile-Ife from the masqurade looking fearful Ugbo warriors that had terrorized them for a long time, like Dellila did to Samson in the Holy book, Moremi did almost the same to the King and leader of Ugbo, she got their secret that naked fire was enough to destroy the secret of Ugbo.

Moremi escaped and was back home, and by the time Ugbo warrors came it was very easy to destroy them, and just as Moremi was having fun with her new status, the gods came for the promise she made, her only son must be killed to appease the gods.

Questions and Answers if any?

1. The son, Oluorogbo, was he from the King Olugbo of Ugboland she married? If yes what was the meaning of the name if the son was the product of the marriage, if not who was his father?

2. How old was Oluorogbo when he was used to appease the gods? 8, 10 or what?

3. Which of the gods out of 401 actually took the blood of Oluorogbo? History called the  god Esinmirin, a river goddess.

4. Moremi later in life married  Oranmiyan the King at Oyo? Why? As number what among Oranyan wives?

5. How long was the marriage of Moremi to Olugbo of Ugbo 5, 6, or 7 years? Or no record?

6. At the time Moremi escaped was it by herself or through outside help?

6. Did she escape with a child or the marriage produced no fruits?

Further Questions.

1. How far is Ile Ife in Osun State to Ugboland in Ilaje area of Ondo State.

2. The Yoruba towns and villages between Ife and Ugboland were they captured and enslaved by the Ugbo warriors? If yes, can we have the names of those towns and contributions to Yoruba history.

3. Any record of Moremi history of stop and go or hide outs in any of those towns and villages if any?

Questions for Olugbo of Ugboland?

1.Any record of what Moremi left behind like cloths, art works, women stuffs that could be placed in the museum of Arts.

2. Any identification of the room Moremi slept at the time she stayed with Olugbo to test her DNA for scientific verification of our history?

3. What was the name of Olugbo who married Moremi?

Proper answers and identification of those mentioned above will draw attention to Ugboland worldwide understanding of Yoruba history.


The Statues of Moremi in both Ife and Ugbland is a plus to Yoruba history and both kings should be commended for a good job.

Moremi statue in Ile Ife represents a heroine, that of Ugbo was a traitor and both revealed the good and ugly side of Moremi while answers to the questions raised here will complete the hidden side of Yoruba history, Moremi on her knees was a wife, that of Ife Standing was a star.

(This story will be updated)

Zents Sowunmi is the author of “The Vultures and the Vulnerable”



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