Trump’s Taxes Vs Congress and Supreme Court rulings


Trump’s Taxes: Supreme Court straightened record.

To subpoena  President Trump taxes as demanded by Nancy Pelosi led House of Representatives, the United States Supreme Court in a 7/2 majority on Friday ruled the demand as unusual in US politics.

As such, the Supreme Court reminded the US Congress is not an executive arm of the government  but purely a legislative arm of government  to write Laws alone, and her decision to demand or subpoena for President Trump or any American taxes must be authorized by the Lower Court.

The above statement can only mean that , Speaker Nancy Pelosi led US Congress  did more than her constitutional provisions and it must return to the Lower court, and meet 4 conditions after which the Lower Court will determine if the Congress is will get Trump’s taxes or not as long as it will not be used for political hunting of the President or any American.

4 Conditions from the Supreme Court.

1. The Congress must have received a compliant from IRS on Trump or any American on their taxes, meaning, before it can even discuss individual taxes on the floor of the House , a clarification that only IRS can initiate the action with a complaint to the Congress, not the other way round. ( in the case of President Trump nothing of such happened from IRS)

2. The Congress at time of the request must be reviewing tax Law of the country before it can subpoena any American including President Trump taxes.( in the case of Congress no legislation in process)

3. In case of a legislation on taxes is in the making, President Trump can not be the one, it must involve more than him alone since the Law will be for the country not against individual.(No record if Nancy Pelosi asked other Americans for their taxes)

4. The demand must meet legislative process, no political undertone.(Meaning it must be broad based, it must not target conservative alone, or any one based on their color, sex or religion)


The Lower Court after reviewing the above four conditions can still deny or approve the release of Trump or any American taxes. ( And that American including Trump will still have the right to appeal the decision of the Lower Court up to the Supreme Court)

How is this a win for the Democrats in need of what to use to damage Trump before November election?

Newszents says it is a failed trip like the Russia collusion.

The Supreme Court in a plain language just told the US Congress only IRS can check American taxes not any busy body like the Congress under Nancy Pelosi, a big loss for the Democrats.

Zents Sowunmi is a conservative writer and author of “The Secrets of Gabriel”


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