Trump’s 200th Judge Confirmed by the Senate


For the next 40 years in America,  the name President Donald J Trump will not only  be a nightmare to the Democrats, it will be a name of a President who cemented the conservative values in the United states of America judiciary for a long time.

Today in the US Senate his 200th Judicial candidate  Cory Wilson into US 5th Circuit’s Court of Appeals which is  a life long position was confirmed and since most Trump’s appointees are very young, 30 to 40 years may be when there will be vacancy.

Trump’s records are as follows

53 Appeal Court Judges

143 District Court Judges

2. US Court of International Trade Judges

2 US Supreme Court Justices.

CNN Judicial analyst and author of the Rule of 9 how the Supreme Court operates  Jeffery  Toobin says, Trump’s legacy can not be erased by the Press or the socalled fake news, by the time he is long gone his legacy will shape US in many cases that will affect  abortion, immigration and LGBT.

Last month Justin Walter was confirmed by the Senate on Party line of 52/48, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell thanked the President because the US Circuit Court of appeals is the ground for picking Supreme Court Justices.

With those appointments, all the funny ideas of the Democrats will be stopped on issues like popular votes as against electoral colleges, personal taxes and other conservative issues.

Zents Sowunmi writes from New York.



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