Trump and Putin: A Peaceful Start



Newszents: Six months after President Trump took oath of office as Commander-in-chief of the free world, he will meet face to face and one on one with President Valdimir Putin of Russia, this week in G20 economic summit meeting in Hamburg Germany, Vladimir V Putin, the man CNN called the strongest man in the world will shake hand with Mr. Trump for a new beginning that will bring peace to mankind.

Candidate Trump campaigned to make Russia a friend of America, somehow, the liberal in a cooked up fake stories through the CNN and New York Times messed up what could have been the end of cold war between the two nations, and if the fake News of CNN and New York Times which led to the resignations of their reporters and that of New York Times will change things is yet to be seen but the world is hopeful.

Whatever it is, the meeting will have a better relationship than the soiled four years of America with Russia under President Obama, after United States first messed with Russia election to prevent Putin from winning a comeback election in 2012, and Russia taking over Crimea from Ukraine which was originally a Russia territory since 1856 Crimea war in which over one million Russians died to keep.


When USSR came after Lenin introduced Socialism, Crimea in 1954 Under President and General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev  for administrative purposes placed Crimea under Ukraine, which was then  a State under Soviet Union despite the transfer, under article 33, it was never approved, it was a violation of USSR Constitution.

However, with the desolution of the USSR,  the loyalty of a break away Ukraine was in-doubt with new friends from EU and  NATO as a result of this,  the need to bring back Crimea home became imperative because of strategic location of the Crimea to the Black Sea where all the submarines of Russia are kept.

A Russia without Crimea is porous to the eyes of NATO in all the Navy power of Russia, hence, President Valdmir Putin brought Crimea back home for National security.

President Obama, failed to reason with Russia, and it led to cold wars with massive sanctions that was planned to cripple a fragile Russia economy, between the two nations despite a cordial relationship between the two nation in Obama’s first term as President in America without Putin.hillarly-clinton

In Obama’s first term, a reset button was done between the two nations, with Hillary Clinton calling the shots as Secretary of State. At one time with the recommendation of Hillary, America sold Uranium to Russia to make atomic Bombs, and Russia in return made available her Astronauts hanger to ferry US to the moon.

However, the cooperation was messed up when US tried to prevent Valdmir Putin from winning a comeback and Russia retaliated with Syria, Egypt, Libya in which Obama foreign policies collapsed  like pack of cards.

It is the hope of Newszents, that a new relationship will develop under Trump who appointed  Rex Tillerson the Exxon Mobile executive from Texas  as Secretary of State who happens to be a friend of Valdimir Putin if not the world will end up with military rat race or what will the world not gain but peace if both powerful nations are friends.








Dr. Zents Sowunmi. is a New York based writer and  author of “The Vultures and the Vulnerable”, “Unequally yoking”, Before the journey became home” , “Gabriel” and ” The Policy of manipulation”  his books are available on


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