Trump: US Economy & 2020 election

  1. US 2020 Election Strategies.

US presidential elections had always been decided on economy and security of the country since Abraham Lincoln, not on the noises of fake news like CNN and MSNBC.

Presidents in addition to the economy and security are judged by how their promises are kept or not.

President Trump in his own case, worked so hard to ensure he guided his presidency on these two agenda. His policies ensured US is not fighting any senseless wars, while he is rebuilding US Defense, he established US Space Command and he made selective killings of the terrorists like Gen Solomani of Iran and head and founder of ISIS Adul Dabi or so.

Before the Pandemic, he took US unemployment rate to the lowest in history 3.4% with his programs and he signed new trade deals with Mexico, Canada, Japan, UK and China.

As he was working, the Devil too was working to destroy the greatest nation on earth, Covid-19, struck, the economy got attacked all businesses closed down and schools, the unemployment rate went to up 14.7% but the President never gave up, he knew re-opening the economy and getting the vaccine to combat the virus would be the key to his economic records despite the diversions and obstructions from the Democrats and Press.

At one time, Trump tried everything he could get. He even used himself as a guinea pig to try all medications. He took Hydroxychloquine himself when he was told it worked in other nations and imported it from India. Thousands of Ventilators ans order protective equipment were purchased and distributed to states

NY a state after his down fall with many unfounded fake court cases the state of his birth got the largest supplies of medical supplies to stop the virus, he even invited Gov Cuomo his number one enemy among the Democrats state governors to the White House more than three times to find solutions to the problem of Covid-19

Trump brought Navy Medical Ship to NY to evacuate the first sets of Covid-19 victims, however, because the Constitution since 1879 gave the control of primary life of US Citizens to the Mayors and Governors his idea of evacuating the Covid-19- patients was rejected by Gov Cuomo of New York who dumped Covid-19 patients in the Hospitals to the Nursing homes and over 25,000 died.

Gov Cuomo and his Democrat controlled State legislators quickly passed a Law to protect the Governor or the State of New York from being sued for negligence by the affected families.

Trump keeps working despite massive opposition from the Democrats, today the unemployment rate is 8.7% with 10.6million jobs in 4 months .

Trump’s unemployment  target is any figure less than 6% by October, the Oracle says if US is not at war with any nation, Americans in their wisdom like they did in 2016 will re-elect the first President who worked to keep US products and manufacturing going again after years of senseless economic agenda from past administrations which did not favor US industries.

Trump will becone the first President to challenge economic encroachment of China into US market, the first President to remove President Clinton 1994 Criminal Act which placed millions of Blacks in jail, the first President to fund all Blacks Schools in America with special grants.

Did he keep his promises or not? He did more than his predecessors and he should be given the credit for it

If he fails to win, he too will do what the Democrat did to him by faking Russia as his mentor, he will leave China, North Korea and Russia problems for Biden to contend with. It is the way the cookie crumbles.

Zents Sowunmi writes from New York.


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