Trump meets Putin today in Helsinki Finland


NEWSZENTS: President Trump will today meet with President Putin of Russia in Helsinki Finland, despite all opposition from the Democrats and liberal media in America.

Those who disagreed with the  time  of the meeting are mostly supporters of the former President  Barack Obama, a Democrat who himself  pressed a reset button with Russia in 2009 with then Secretary of State and 2016 DNC presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Few days before the  Helsinki meeting, US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rodsentein released the 12 names of indicted Russians involved in 2016 US election.

Political observers believed President Trump will raise the issue of the 12 indicted Russians  with President  Putin.

When asked by the Press in Scotland  what he feels and President Putin, the US President Trump described Putin as a competitor not an enemy and he is not ready to inherit any enemy of the previous administration from the failed reset button of Obama.

It is the hope of those who believe in the meet that it will ease the tension between the two powerful nations after the mismanagement of the so-called reset button of 2009  after US got involved in President Putin election in 2012 and Russia take over of Crimea from Ukraine despite the claim as a result of Crimea war in 1853 and unsigned treaty of 1953 of USSR on Crimea.



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