Trump may apply lie detector on White House Staffers over New York Times allegation of deep State within.


President Trump may apply the use of  lie detector on White House Staff over New York Times allegation of deep State within
Senator Rand Paul revealed this evening.

Vice President  Mike Pence, Cabinet Secretaries and more than 20 Senior White House Staffers including the First Lady Melania  in writing denied the allegation today.

In the newly released book by Woodrow that a Senior staff in the White House wrote tge New York Times an anti-Trump media, they were considering removing the 45th President in what may look like a coup against the system with article 25th of the US Constitution.

Senator Rand Paul a favirite of the President said all the denials  in writing may be placed under oath and a failed lie test may lead to prosecution as treasonable felony.

The above will give President the opportunity to do house cleaning if any after he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.



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