Trump may fire DAG Rod Rosenstein on Thursday


After the New York Times revealed the secret meetings of Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General Rod Rodsenstein with some of the White House and Department of Justice to wiretap and record any coversation with President Trump with a view of using 25th amendment to remove the 45th President, Mr. Rosenstein was drilled by the Chief of Staff Gen Kelley.Mr. Rod Rodsenstein denied the accusation, as baseless even when he was told others involved had confessed, he however agreed it was done in a sacastical way.

The Oracle says for a man who appointed  Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel on Russia collusion who even authorised the FBI to search the office of President Trump personal Attorney Cohen his action was more than being sacastic. He is very manipulative and calculative.

DAG Rodsenstein offerred to resign instead of getting fired, but President Trump currently in New York for the UNO meeting asked him to wait until Thursday when he will be back in Washibgton DC.

What will Trump do? Most likely to reduce the pressure of the sexual assault casr on his nominee, Brett Kavanaugh President Trump will accept his resignation. And the Solicitor General may superivse the Special Counsel and winding it up.


Who recommended Robert Mueller for the Special Counsel job? It is a case that may expand to the Democrats table,  former FBI Director, James Comey, Lorretta Lynch former Attirney Genetal,  Sally Yates DAG ohr,  and all the deep red state in both FBI and Department of Justice.


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