TRUMP: Lifeless Statement on Buhari not good enough


NEWSZENTS: I heard President Donald Trump of the United States of America in the Financial Times described our own St. Buhari as lifeless, as much as I would love to doubt the statement, it sounded more like Donald Trump who in the past called Jeb Bush low energy or Hillary Clinton crooked would say.

What then is Lifeless? It means, someone who is not challenging, with no ideas or not innovative enough in a serious discussion, a lifeless person will be someone without confidence or overwhelmed with the energy of his surroudings like the White House with a President like Trump with overbearing personality in charge..

In America, eye contact in any discussion is a sign of confidence, Buhari must have failed the eye contact test with President Trump.

Secondly, hanging a smile on your face when the President of America is speaking or in a conversation with you is never a sign of seriousness, a little smile without showing your premolars would have been okay.

Thirdly, a firm handshake can determine your personalty, it could be St. Buhari did not work on his grip, with a lock if his radial nerve is very weak because of old age.

Lastly, innovative contribution instead of patronizing support could be another area Buhari was evaluated. The system did a job on his contribution

And this is the last area for Buhari’s aids , it will be better in future for the President to be coached in above four areas before going on overseas trip, President Buhari was probably tolerated by former US President Baraack Obama in his previous visit however, with President Trump you get it straight in the face.

Finally, with due respect President Buhari can in future delegate more to his Vice President a Professor Yemi Osinbajo who can handle a person like Trump in a serious discussion.

President Trump who met President of Kenya today in the same White House will determine between the first two African leaders if they have their best as President or the continent itself is lifeless.

To overcome lifeless leadership in Africa presidential debatesĀ  and EPS expanded Primary System in any election can sharpen the thinking of Presidents or leaders in the continent.



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