Donald Trump is number One undefeated in all the US polls released today


Breaking-News-Panel_2690691 Billionaire developer Donald Trump from New York  is not going anywhere. He is leading by 31% in all the polls in all the states. Florida, GA, NC, SC inclusive  and former Governor Jeb Bush is climbing up steadily to a 13% average and he is forth place even in Florida his home state. With just two weeks to the first Republican primaries everything is looking good for the money man from Manhattan New York and with endorsement of Sara Palin the former Governor of Alaska and a VP nominee to John McCain in 2008 presidential election everything is set for Trump to tramp on his rival Ted Cruz who is facing a legal battle on his citizenship as a Canadian until 2014 when he renounced his Citizenship from a Cuban  father.

The question Cruz would have to face is if his born in Canada status by an American mother married to a man from  the enemy of the Country Cuba at the time of his birth would be enough to meet with the natural born stuff in the US Constitution?


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