Trump hits the road for Ted Cruz of Texas


President Trump not only campaigned for Senator Ted Cruz of Texas in Houston, he told the crowd how Senator Ted worked so hard for Republican Party and his administration to achieve all the promises he made in 2016.

President Trump said, when the Tax cuts was introduced Ted was there, appointment and confirmation of the last two Supreme Court justices, he did it with Ted by his side, and he told the people of Texas, never to vote Congressman Beeto the Democrat who voted against everything that is big in Texas including oil and gas, and the undefined death Tax.

Congressman Beeto from El Paso is not a friend of Texas in any form with his votes in the Congress, Trump told  the packed audience, he also used the event to praise the State of Texas with a $1.7trillion economy a state if it was a country, it will be 10th richest nation on earth.

President Trump did not spare Hillary Clinton, Maxine, and Pelosi in his statement, he went after the Caravan over immigration, border wall, and the good work of Costal Guards in saving 16,000 lives during hurricains, he told the audience how his administration with Ted’s support improved the economy by $11.5trillion, unemploynent rate at 3.6% the lowest in 65yrs, jobs for African Americans, Hispanics and women at the best in 60 years.

From the look of things in Texas, it will remain a red state for a long time a no go area for the Democrats.

Zents Sowunmi writes from Brooklyn  New York



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