Trump fired the Inspector General who asked the Congress to impeach him


President Trump fired the US Inspector General on Intelligence

For President Trump to remove any Inspector General in all US Government, the law requires him to give the Congress (House and Senate) 30 days notiification.

Trump did to remove the Michael Atkinson, the IG who took on the failed Whistleblower attempt to remove him from office over Ukraine meetings with on Joe Biden scandal.

According to the White House the IG did a terrible job, he colluded with Congressman Adam Shift the House point man on impeachment of the President without imforming the White House as required by the Law.

Former IG action denied the White House transparency expected in such a big investigation that could have removed the President of America.

The removed IG failed to ask for the phone transcript from the White House which eventually found his reason for referring the case to the House pointman Adam Schiff not in line with what the Whistleblower told him.

With that, he became a collaborator instead of being Independent to the case and future investigations.

“I do not trust him, I have no confidence in Atkinson and as President by Law, I have the authority to remove him”‘ Trump said

Michael Atkinson an appointee of Trump in 2018 was immediately placed on administrative leave on Friday.

The appointment and removal on any IG is legally within the power of the President, only a notification not a permission of the Congress is required and that was done.

However Trump’s action will be investigated by the head of all US 16 Inspector Generals Horowitz another appointee of Obama and his action may lead to another impeachment hearing in an election year however with Horowitz open outburst on it, he may not be an Independent person to investigate the situation on Micharl Atkinson.



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