President Donald J Trump begins 2nd term campaign run from Orlando FL with 100,000 fans


In President Trump usual way of talking,  last night he began the run for second term in office from Orlando, Florida, the state he called his second home with an impressive list of achievements to his credit, than it was four years ago when he came down from the elevator in his building in Manhattan New York in 2015 with no political Administration experience.

With six million new jobs created since he took office, six millions out of food stamps, lowest unemployment since the last 51 years among the African Americans, Hispanics, and Whites, new trade deals with Mexico and Canada, new immigration policies, and the end of ISIS, his opponents or opponent may have an uphill task for a Trump presidency who is now equipped and better informed than the 2015 candidate he was 4 years ago.

Mrs Melania Trump.

President Donald John Trump informed his listeners a jam packed stadium,  many of them had camped in the city for two days to wait and to see him, he told them Mueller Report on Russia collusion was a coup against his administration and deep sea conspirators, and he had most of them shouting “Lock them up” for the crime against US Democracy.

The occasion was packed with his supporters and those in the Congress, he praised them all for believing in him at a time Democrats and the Press were ready to pull down his presidency with the Mueller probe, he mentioned the Governor of Florida who signed a law against sanctuary cities, Senators, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Scots and others.

All his children, families, and his fans all over the country witnessed the event with his beautiful wife Melania Trump in her attractive yellow attire’ who introduced him.

Whatever it is, his rating in the polls, the rally in Orlando Florida last night helped to take the shines away from any Democratic agenda of the week.

Zents Sowunmi


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