Today in History: US 12th President Zachary Taylor died after 16months in office


US 12th President Zachary Taylor who won 1848 died after 16 months   in office. In his time US acquired new states including the state of Califonia.

It was suspected that President Taylor was poisoned and the rumor continued until 1991 when his remains was exhumed and very little was found to suspect anything.

Zachary Taylor was a career Military officer who rose to the rank of Major General before he left the Army and one of his noted achievements was Mexican-American war.

General Zachary Taylor never held any political office until he ran for President under the platform of Whig Party and in 1848 he defeated the Democrat candidate, as President, he stayed away from the pilitics of the Congress.

He was 65 years when he died after 16 months in office.



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