The Secret of Love


Tears of TomorrowNEWSZENTS: Mary was 33 years old, when she met John, it was by accident, she was going on the Subway in Brooklyn New York, he had offered her his seat, and she was grateful, her schedule as a Nurse kept her standing, for eight hours, her legs were killing her with pain, the seat was a savior, she thanked him and it was the beginning of a conversation that turned to coffee talk on Atlantic Avenue when they both got down from the Q train downtown Brooklyn.

That was three months ago, they became more than just coffee buddies, they talked every nights on the phone, on weekends they went to the movies, and twice a week they walked the Prospect park, conversations with him was natural, his smiles were beautiful and his teeth well set and he kept a good control of his breath, when  he said he was a Dentist, she believed him, with those beautiful set of teeth why would he doubt him?amanda-mccarthy

Mary kept the secret of her new found friendship away from her friends that was three months and everyone around her could notice she was glowing with the brightness of light around her beautiful face, could she be in love? Friends were asking but Mary kept her secret away from the prying eyes of friends and families, she told them, Jesus Christ was her joy, if they too can believe.

Mary could remember in the last five years she had had five relationships and all had gone upside down because she trusted and believed her friends and families, this one with John she was determined to keep, she could remember what happened when she introduced Mark to her friends they told her he was not a good match for her, he smiled too much and if he was from Africa he must have a wife or two back home in Africa, how come he did not offer to take her to Africa they questioned her several times until she started doubting Mark, they made her to search his room in his absence, they planted the seed of doubt until one day, Mark walk away from her life, and the loneliness was tough on her

Six months of praying and attending singles meetings all over the City and lonely nights with ugly bitterness of New York snow, Wendy came into her life, why would anyone name a man Wendy she wondered when he introduced himself at the first meeting of the singles in Downtown Brooklyn, he was funny, and she called him McDonald just to tease him, he was natural with his feelings, he laughed over her comments and instantly they were connected, the relationship went on for one year, until her family asked about him, He was from Haiti she told

The sound of Haiti was more than they could take, they mentioned all the ugly stuffs about Haitians, they do voodoo they warned her, they talk too loud, and everyone knew something negative to mention about Haiti, what about the Hurricane? What about his ex-wife from Haiti? Will she come back to see him or his only child by the time they finished with her with questions she broke up with Mark, he was not happy but he accepted her decision to end the relationship, he told her, he was using the opportunity to focus on his PhD program at New York State University in Albany, he moved out of town. And the loneliness continued, the bitter winter of New York and snow was too much for her with all the fun Wendy had introduced into her life.

The same with Philips and Jay both relationship went faster than they started, this one with John was her lesson from listening to people, when she told the Oracle her experience with men before she met John, he had told her the unknown and often neglected secret of relationship, keep your joy to yourself, lots of lonely guys and ladies are out there to mess up your joy, when they tell you your relationship was from Haiti you could have asked them to give you the success stories of those who made it than those who failed.

The Oracle had told her, only bad news will make the headlines of most Newspapers but on the same street of the new stand there are happy stories, of births, birthdays, graduations, marriages, and promotions that will never be reported, but if you make that your interest you will get what you ask for, be careful on who you listen to, else you will always be looking instead of consolidating, He said, friends don’t understand your loneliness or your search for significant others, they only come when you have secured a relationship, when they have helped you to break it up, they will move on but as soon as you have another one they are back to give you negative stories to destroy your new found joy, that was two days before she met John on the Subway from Coney Island Brooklyn New

The message from the Oracle was her only weapon, she kept her joy away from friends and family members and she was consolidating and was no longer looking every night or every day the City and the weather was now looking very friendly everyday day to her , she no longer had wringles on her face, her beauty and smiles also reflected on her job, her patients were happy and it was not long before Mary became the best Nurse of the year with Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn New York , she played her music every night.

Mary got married three years ago to John and the marriage is blessed with a boy, she found out John was actually from Haiti his only lie for three years. She named him Samuel, just like the Biblical Samuel, because I ask the Lord, Mary asked the Lord to make her keep her mouth and joy away from the prying eyes of friends and Jesus answered her.

Please feel free to share it with your friends you may be keeping some relationship solid.


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