The Secret Behind Fulani Herdsmen. Oracle



NEWSZENTS: About two decades go some Igbo business men wanted to go into importation of Cows business from Niger Republic into Nigeria but somehow, they never made it back. it was even rumored they were killed or discouraged, no one knew how the story ended. Somehow, it was said at first, they were denied the ability to pass through the system from the border until they gave up.

The fact remains importation of Cows into Nigeria has always been an exclusive rights of the Fulani not even other tribes in the North of Nigeria know the secret of this secret business ties but it is more than that, it is like asking the Igbo to show you the secret of spare parts business, it is never going to happen, it is a trade secret that will for ever be monopolized.

If you think the Fulani herdsmen with AK 47 or Sanda on your streets or villages aimlessly following 150-200 cows eating grass on each side of the roads and farmlands or getting into your  lands without approval are the true owners of those cows then you must be ignorant of how it works.Danbazau

It is like the Merchant Banks in Nigeria, they collect or buy the foreign exchange from the Central Banks with fraudulent names of companies and with a bold face with chains of Mallam as agents they sell the dollars on the streets and in the evenings they all make their returns back to the bank. That is the same with the Fulani herdsmen, all the cows are owned by the powerful Fulani leaders in Nigeria, the retired Military leaders and Emirs and the helpless herdsmen are exploited to serve and return dividends for the sales made on the cows.

When General Buhari contacted late Governor Lam Adeshina of Oyo State his statement supported this assertion that Cows belongs to the rich and powerful among the Fulani Tribe and the herdsmen are just the agents. He asked why his men or his people were being harassed.

Again, the Oracle says after  General Buhari complained to late Governor Lam Adeshina, it appeared his meeting was not a good one because it changed the strategies of the herdsmen, they have stopped carrying Sanda, they upgraded to guns and no one has been bold enough to ask them to obtain any gun  license in Nigeria and everyone that were suppose to ask questions looked the other way, some even gave the excuses of militant from the South South with guns as an excuse for the Fulani Herdsmen to upgrade too from Sanda to AK47.Boko3

It is for this reason; it is difficult to see any opinion leader from the Fulani oligarchy to condemn the Fulani herdsmen  because it is never going to happen and even if there is any, it will just be something very cosmetic just to cover up. The Oracle says, for us to end the Fulani herdsmen stuff, the owners of the cows too must be prosecuted and liable for any act committed by their agents, the helpless herdsmen who may be killed if they are unable to account for the cows upon return to the North.

In the sixties and early seventies, most of those herdsmen  resulted to begging to get the fund to return back to the North because they did not have any authority  or provision for a return transportation fare back to the North. The fear of being killed  at home if something happened to the Cows or the returns  is one of the reasons to be considered when coming up with a program to fix the attacks. For this reasons, development of ranches in the  North and large storage freezer to slaughter and ship to the South Cows like is down in a civilized society.

The fear is the Fulani herdsmen will not become another name for Boko Haram if the issue of gun control and limitation of their movement is not restricted to the Fulani land unless a futuristic approach is adopted we may be having a big problem in our hand.


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