The Nasty prayers of Nancy Pelosi on President Trump


In Africa among the beautiful people of Yoruba, of this Oracle, we have a very unique adage, which says, when you know u will fail in a project, u will quickly plan to curtail the failure not to lead to death, but if u know u will die in the process, u will plan not to smell too much after your demise, at least, that is how this Oracle will end this political imbroglio on US President Trump by the nasty Nancy Pelosi the Democrat Speaker who said everyday she prayed for the President she is planning to remove from office, what a nasty Nancy woman, now read.

Among the Republicans only a jealous Senator Mit Romney who is trying to divide Republicans in the Senate against President Trump can place a thin smile on the lips of the Democrats and their mouthpieces CNN and MSNBC and since he can only get the two or three weak Republican women senators to join him, it will be a vote short of allowing Democrats to control the events in the impeachment trial.

Anyway, those three or four are far less than 20 extra votes of GOP required by Democrats to force convictions on President Trump, whatever, it is, the spill over of the defences from Trump lawyers is already affecting aging Joe Biden in the polls, by next week when he loses Iowa primaries or caucus because he is tailing behind Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in the polls, like they say here, he may be too much in Trump problem to continue, the Oracle says he is finished and damaged politically.

Senator Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat, he is an Independent with a crazy wishful thinking he can use the Democrats platform to run and to implementation socialist agenda in the capital of Capitalism in the world, what a fool because students are following his student free programs, and it will be funny to think Democrats will trust him with their nomination unless they plan to lose to Trump which they will anyway,


Sander’s policies are too expensive and tax controlled, who is next after Sanders,that will be lying Elizabeth Warren, a chronic liar, a fake Indian American and Hillary Clinton will even campaign against her, the Oracle says between the gay guy Pete Buttigieg, the South Bend Mayor and Senator Amy Klubercher may be the last hope of the Democratic.

I suspect the gay guy will make it to the nomination or Hillary Clinton will come back through the forced convention as being rumored here, who ever the nominee of Democrat is will not be strong enough to run against President Trump with visible achievements.

Right now the Democrats are dying, because they will lose the November election to Trump it is so glaring only the Oracle can see it clearly, however, Democrats are looking for any enemies of Trump like the fired National Security Adviser John Bolton their previous enemy to help them.

Note Bolton nomination during Bush administration was rejected by Democrats controlled Senate, a war monger, left to Bolton US will be at war with Iran, Syria, Russia and North all at the same time. It was why Trump went back to Gen Mcalester for all his actions and the reason he asked Bolton to go.

Democrats smell will be too much by the end of November elections when President Trump will have more than 310 electoral college votes, 2800 counties and a House ready to help him will his America first agenda, a great economy and with Senate, and Supreme Court behind him.

Tell CNN this Oracle says from February 1st 2020 when the USMCA trade treaty takes off and Trade deal with China and Japan kick off, Democrats will be smelling and nobody will like them in government for a long time.

Zents Sowunmi is a New York based writer a conservative surrogate for the Republican agenda on African Americans


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