The Mirage of Russian Collusion and how Late McCain was used (Part 2)


As the details of document released today by United State Department of Justice is about to open up can of worms on the roles of FBI and Obama’s Department of Justice used Late Senator John McCain to obtain FISA court warrant to monitor Trump’s associates, it means we have not seen the end of the movie called Russia Collusion.

The Court files  released today further revealed the role of late Senator John McCain and his associates played in spreading anti-Trump  dossier, most importantly how he McCain was used by the enemies of Trump in the newly unsealed declaration form from September  2016

Furthermore how former counterintelligence FBI agent Bill Priestap confirmed FBI received a copy of the first 33 pages of the fake dossier in December from late Senator McCain as organized by those planning to unseat President Trump.

Later in December 2017 David Krammar,  of US State Department said British Spy Christopher Steel later to CNN, Buzzfeed, Washington Post , also Obama  National Security council office Celestie Wallandw and Rep Adam Kinzinger

Part of the document in the dossier were actually CNN reports as revealed today, unverified  and McCain who  Trump had early called names became the conduit to spread the dirty message to obtain FISA court order.

Agent Peter Styok said FBI had a deal not to view Clinton Foundation document with orders from above and everything is leading to the appointment of a second Special Counsel to clean up the mess.

To be continued


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