The Mirage called Russian Collusion (Part One)


Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation which was set by former Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstien after the misfit Attorney General Jeff Session recused himself from his constitutional duty  was not a surprise to those with analytical minds on the politics of the United States of America.

The appointment of Special Counsel  Mueller who was denied FBI Director by President Trump was designed to run side by side with Trump’s administration as part of the insurance package promised by the FBI deep state as revealed by FBI top guy Peter Styok in his email to his married girl friend Lisa and Andrew McCabe who acted briefly as FBI Director after James Comey was fired, which was, to disorganize Trump’s administration or to find out how he Trump planned and destroyed two or political dynasties of Bush, Clinton under the watchful eyes of a two terms presidency of Barack Hussein Obama to defeat Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016.

At the end of the day, there will be no collusion on the part of Trump, it will look like the fake Weapons of Mass destruction of George Bush to settle a dispute over his father’s murder attempt by Sadam Hussein.

The question will be for the true position of justice in America, if those who schemed this movie called Russian collusion would be punished or if they will get away with it like those who master minded weapons of mass destruction In Iraq.

Attorney Andrew Weissmann

So far, the investigation is yet to pin any collusion on Trump or to his campaign team, and  Attorney Andrew Weissmann, with Clinton ties in the Mueller’s just left the team probably out of no evidence to support the made up coup against the President of the United States of America.

All indictments so far has nothing to do with Russia collusion with Trump or his campaign team, more also Wikileak sources of information is yet to be separated from Russia or internal activities of the DNC itself, which led to the death of a staff in charge of the data of the Party.

According to the report from Fox News and Judiciary Watch, the FBI and Mueller Special Counsel team are yet to physically take possession of the so called hacked server of the DNC, and how and why both the Special Counsel team and FBI took the words of DNC as gospel truth after the cooked up hacked is yet to be understood.

Prez Obama, Comey and Robert Mueller

If the Steele Dossier report used to obtain FISA Court order was fake, and paid for by Hillary, and was passed to Late Senator John McCain a known adversary of Trump who had failed in his own presidential dream in 2008 later called uncharitable name by Trump in the primaries of the DNC, then Special Counsel report and it’s finding will not pass the lie test.

So far the investigation is no longer pursuing the original goal on collusion but after any crime it could find to save face.

Newszent will expect the new Attorney General William Barr to set up another Special Counsel to deal with all those who planned the coup against the constitution of the United States of America on how we elect and remove our President through Article 25 amendment.

Andrew Macabe revealed how they planned to wear wire in any conversation with the President to be used as evidence to unseat a constitutionally elected President, not only tha, he confirmed, they already had the support of two members of the Cabinet, rumor heard it those two could be AG Jeff Session pressumably under a blackmail from the  DOJ and FBI and former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson  who was reported to have called Trump a moron.

In another related events, the Chairman of Judiciary committee Senator Graham Lindsey demanded for details of how US DOJ planned coup against the President of the United States of America through the staffers of FBI and DOJ.

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