The Future of Yoruba in Nigeria


Newszents:In any given time in life, one could be sitting on a goldmine without knowing it, if one is not careful, life itself could add problems to the given opportunities.

When the Yoruba land became the center of Nigeria politics with Herbert Macaulay group in the 30’s with the vibrant anti-colonial Press, Lagos as the capital of Nigeria before Independence and massive industrial blue print of Action Group Political Party in the 50’s which made it the center of development that attracted all, it never occurred to their leaders then and even now in the Western Region/States, that in future, if not protected with policies could destroy them.

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The cry in the Southwest today over their plight and complete destruction of their heritage and homestead in the hands of others was as a result of the carelessness of their leaders and policies in the last 70 years which failed to protect and encourage them within and outside a competitive Nigeria system.

About six years ago, this writer in a published article asked if the Yoruba with her liberal unprotected approach and policies to issues in Nigeria could become refugees in Nigeria?

It was an article widely debated by the Yoruba reading group, South East and the North of Nigeria, in it, this writer used the story of Mama Bola and her generation who lost everything to express the future of Yoruba in Nigeria.

It was not a good forecast.

The article warned and also advised the Yoruba to either buy more lands outside the South West particularly in the North and South East if any, or adopt leasing of Land as a way to keep their heritage and culture in Nigeria, if not in the next 50 years, they may become refugees in the land of Odua, it was the warning then and even worst than it was six years ago.

Secondly, the article asked the Yoruba to learn to be competitive, learn to ask questions from all, challenge authorities with facts figure to demand for more for the region or their States, because they failed to understand the danger ahead.

It is now happening.

The article detailed the advantages of leasing of Land to speculators as against outright selling and where corporations are involved, they were advised on percentage ownership and if possible a seat on the Board of such a corporation and opportunities for their communities.

To those who studied the political history of Nigeria, some of them will not be honest to admit this fact, that South West is always the loser within the union of Nigeria, they are noticeably shrinking in Land mass, political size and economic advancement but still pretending as if it is not happening.

The Yoruba politically and economically are giving more to other Nigerians than they are gaining for joining the Union Chief Awolowo could have opted out in 1952 or 1960 like Kenneth Kaunda did when he faced similar issues in pre-independence Rhodesia.


The land mass the Yoruba had in Nigeria in their hands in 1960 had been reduced by more than 30% through outright selling meaning, other tribes through migration are buying more of Yoruba land than the Yoruba are expanding in land acquisition in other parts of Nigeria.


The Yoruba are not migration venturers enough in Nigeria, and if they do, acquisition of Land in other parts of Nigeria is not the same proportion with which others are buying them out of Nigeria.


Complacency of not understanding if Yoruba must remain strong in out and out of South West and Nigeria in particular, they too must learn to acquire other people’s land in the same way others are buying them out of Nigeria.


Faced between economic attack from the South East and outright land raiders from the Fulani herdsmen or through back door RUGA settlement attack in the 21st Century, it is apparent to all and sundry the road to refugee status is almost certain, if a new approach is not reprogrammed.

The same advise given six years ago is still the the same recommendations of this Oracle, the Yoruba must adopt leasing of Land as against outright selling of it, teach Yoruba language in all schools for assimilation of its culture by all within Yoruba land, be mindful of those infiltration and adoption of competitive status capable of watering down the traditional control of their Oba and chiefs

All their local government must be aware of the competition the Yoruba nation is facing now and as long as we still want to be part of Nigeria we must be competitive, we must protect our homestead with laws that will uplift our people too weak to face the challenges ahead at all times.

Yoruba representatives at the National Assembly must always demand for minimum of 28% of all opportunities in Nigeria in terms of appointments, industrial and infrastructural development in view of population and states.

Competition and awareness are the only way for survival of Yoruba in Nigeria if not, the refugees status is almost here, the fight to buy Yoruba out Nigeria did not start today, it happened when Awolowo failed, in 1960, it failed when the East and North fought over the Western region and the same is still the problem till today until the Yoruba is competitive.


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