The Flower of Doria Ragland


Doria Ragland is a clinical therapist in the sanctuary state of California with a Masters degree otherwise called Social Worker.Ms Ragland only daughter, Megan paid for her masters degree education.

Doria’s great,great grand parents were freed slaves in 1865 in the down South in America through the effort of 16th US President, Abraham Lincoln.

Slavery ended in UK in 1830 more than 35 years before US, in the action taken by House of Common through William Wilberforce, the leader of the abolitionists.

Doria calls her only daughter “Flower” however, she became the only family flower herself with her daughter at the historical Chapel of St. George when other family members on her ex husband side who had heart surgery failed to support her girl on her wedding day in Windsor UK.

Doria and Tom Markel got divorced when their daughter was just six years, it was a peaceful separation. She was 25yrs old when she had Megan Markel.

She also teaches Yoga, in all these, she taught her daughter to give to the poor no matter how small you was and still her principle.

Doria had extensive meetings with the Royal family and the Queen in particular weeks before the wedding to bond with the Royals including her future role which may no longer be in the Sanctuary State of California.

Please note, Doria wanted to walk her Flower to the alter to give her hands away in marriage, but the tradition of the United Kingdom prevailed, no woman can do that, at least in this era of Queen Elizabeth.

Megan the Flower of Doria walked alone half way and was joined by the Prince Charles the future King of England to complete what would have turned into a feminist revolution in the United Kingdom if she had completed it all alone or with her mother Doria.

Her daughter’s marriage is now designated historical, watched by billions on earth and moving in spirit, with the 1961 hit and ever green song of Ben E king, African American STAND BY ME.

Bishop Curry an African American preached with words of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, on Love and light, it was the best sermon ever heard in UK and probably in the history of marriage, he kept the 800 congregation glued to the edge of their seats.

Doria fought tears away from her face as she watched her Flower taken into the mighty and safest hands of the Royal Kingdom.

The Oracle says Doria need not worry, her flower is best kept now in the hands of Prince Harry her new and ever charming son-in-law.

Doria, is 61 years old.

Zents Sowunmi writes from Mid-wood, Brooklyn New York.


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