San Bernardino CA Attack: Ms. Malik, 29 The Face of Evil


Bomber TashfeenNEWSZENTS: The first known photograph of the San Bernardino California Bomber killed with her husband. Originally from Pakistan, lived in Saudi Arabia and met her would be husband Syheed online and they both got married in Saudi Arabia before she came to join, him in America and six months ago, they had a daughter. They left the poor little girl with grand parent to kill innocent people most of the victims were those who attended their baby shower.

The police and FBI found Bomb pipes that could be activated with remote control observers said if the Bomb had worked many more would have been killed., they were frustrated because the bomb did not work, they had to use hand guns which left 14 people dead and several people

The police further discovered that her husband Syheed bought some of the deadly guns found in his apartment years before he married this lady and if she pledged her loyalty to ISIL for the attack on her Facebook page ISIL must be using the social media and dating services to recruit people all over the world.

Who influenced who out of the couple? The Oracle says, none, they were both terrorists with common purpose to destroy the Western Civilization.San bernodino

Ms. Malik, 29, was granted a K-1 visa, also known as the fiancé visa, in Pakistan in July 2014, the officials said, and she traveled to the United States that month.

The review process for a K-1 visa is “not as strict” as the vetting for refugees, Josh Earnest, the White House spokesman, said. But immigration officials said the K-1 review was more extensive than the vetting of a foreigner who planned to only visit. Mr. Earnest said Obama administration officials were examining Ms. Malik’s journey to this country to see if any policies should be changed. The Landlord said the couple was given the apartment because they had a little girl ahead of others, with a $70,000 dollars a year job  Syheed had no reason to complain of not living American dream.

What the police and FBI found in the garage of the couple is still sealed from the public from the grapevine it is looking good and the government is worried how the couple amassed weapons and bomb into the country without the knowledge of the Security personnel.AlertNEWSZENTS


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